Enormous concentration and energy levels to bat through the day during Test matches isn’t an easy task

Sunil Gavaskar had a solid defense, great technique and mammoth concentration powers when he was at the top of his game. It turned him into one of the most prolific and successful opening batsmen of all time with Test career stats that took years to break. With Test cricket, comes the important question: How does a cricketer keep up the stamina? We caught up with the cricket legend-turned-television commentator on the sets of Taste Match, the new talk show on Living Foodz, hosted by ex-cricketer Sandeep Patil. And the first question we asked him was, how did he maintain his energy levels. Pat comes his reply: “Sugar! During the drinks breaks, I would have a spoon of sugar mixed with water. I never called for water or drinks in between. Also, I looked to get ice-cream or a fruit salad during the lunch break—it had sugar so it gave me energy.”

Not a foodie
The Mumbai boy, often called Sunny by his friends and other cricketers, has no qualms admitting that he does not cook. “But I make the best tea-bag tea! That’s what my wife says and that’s all that I care about.”
The ex-chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee, Gavaskar is an advocate for Indian vegetarian food, “I prefer our native, veggie cuisine because it offers plenty of variety and is high on nutrition. Whether it is gobi matar or methi malai, I eat it with no fuss. Although I am not exactly a foodie.”

Speaking of host and former teammate Sandeep Patil’s cooking skills, Gavaskar shares that he enjoys Patil’s green chutney-stuffed pomfret, “which is how my mum prepared it and is a popular coastal specialty. Otherwise, Sandeep is more into barbeque. Whenever I have visited him at home, he would often work up the barbeque on his terrace, and the meats were always well cooked and tasty.”

Watch Sunil Gavaskar with Mohinder Amarnath, in conversation with Sandeep Patil on Taste Match, Saturday, May 20, at 8pm, only on Living Foodz.

Illustration conceptualised by Vartika Pahuja

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