Not your regular affair: Top snacks to try this Durga Puja

Your trip to Kolkata will be incomplete without these dishes.

Nilofer Sen

Bhog is the same every year. Let’s try something different. We give you a list of ten snacks that you will only find in the City of Food, Kolkata.

Fish Ball Soup and Meat Loaf at Territi Bazar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what better place to start from the old Chinatown of Kolkata. Chinese settlers came here in the 1970s, along came their food, and both stayed on. Make sure you reach there by 4.00 am or you may go hungry. Yes, that’ how fast their food sells.

What makes it special?

They continue to use original recipes that you won’t find on the internet.



Chop at Kalika

From prawn chop to tomato chop, name it and you’ll find it here. Kalika started as a roadside shop in 1960, today eatery features on every food lovers’ map.

What makes it special?

The spices used are a family secret, originally learnt from the cooks of Nadia, which are never divulged or changed.


29, Surya Sen Street, College Sqaure

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Prawn Chips at Basanta Cabin

People may recommend this place for Mughlai Paratha. But if you haven’t tasted their Prawn Papad, then you haven’t tasted anything. Started in 1890, there were five of these cabins, but today only two remain.

What makes it special?

These are the thinnest and lightest prawn papad that you’ll ever taste. And they are made in-house so don’t ever dare think of comparing them to the ones available at a supermarket.


53, College Street, Near Medical College

Brain Chop at Mitra Café

Yes, it is made from the actual brain of a goat. No, it does not smell! If you haven’t tasted the brain chop here then you’re not a true food lover.

What makes it special?

This is their original creation, and if you love cheese, you will love this.


47, Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Sovabazar


With the huge influx of other communities in the city, chaat was bound to make an appearance. Go to your local shop, and you will find sizzling aloo tikki and lip-smacking papdi chaat.

What makes it special?

Don’t expect the taste that you find in the origin city. We like to give it a Bengali twist.


Your local sweet shop

Egg Devil at Dilkusha Cabin
For the last 116 years, every customer has vouched for the egg devil at Dilkusha Cabin. From Manna Dey to Uttam Kumar, Dilkusha boasts popular celebrities on its client list.
What makes it special? Perfectly boiled egg encased in a ball of spicy mutton keema. What’s not to love!
Where: 88, Mahatma Gandhi Road, College Square

Club Kachori at Sharma Tea House

Bite-size kachoris served with spicy potato curry for just Rs. 50. Make sure you wash it down with a glass of lassi.

What makes it special?

This is their original recipe that has been an inspiration for a lot of other eateries in Kolkata.


5/6, Sambhunath Pandit Street, Bhowanipore

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Paan Cake at Favourite Cabin

Named so because of its beetle-leaf shape, Paan Cake is popular with the regulars. The Cabin itself is no less. A hot-bed of the Swadeshi Movement, it witnessed the Kallol movement, a landmark in the history of Bengali literature.

What makes it special?

The décor remains unchanged so you get a taste of the time when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was a regular or Nazrul penned his poetry.


69B, Surya Sen Street, College Square

Mutton Afghani at Chacha’s Hotel

Not meant for the faint-hearted, this one is oily, spicy, and tasty. In a city popular for its cutlets, you just can’t miss the Mutton Afghani at Chacha’s.

What makes it special?

A secret mix of spices that makes it easy to digest.


42, Bidhan Sarani, Hatibagan

Paan at Kalpataru Bhandar

End your food trip with a paan. What kind you ask? Any kind that you want. And it will always suit your pocket because they offer varieties that range from Rs. 5 to Rs. 1000.

What makes it special?

There special range of supari including Nehrupatiy, Chips, Keshrani, Milky, Icy, and the unique ittar (perfume).


6/1, Bankim Chatterjee Street

Ready to get started? Meet you at 4.00 am.

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