#NoSugarChallenge: Why I Had To Break My No-Sugar Diet

Cheating for a bite of cupcake.


Six days without refined sugar; I should have indeed received an award for my achievement! Just one day left for the challenge to end. Just when I was busy celebrating my success so far, I got a call from my significant other. He informed me that he has sent a few cupcakes for tasting as the home baker couldn’t send it to his place. The tasting was important because the home baker would be cooking our engagement cake later on. And thus ended my six-day streak sans sugar in my food.

I half-heartedly went to pick it up. In spite of being well-packed, I could smell the freshly baked chocolate cupcake. I took the cakes to my work-station. It felt like I was carrying stones – they seemed so heavy in my hands! Everyone was staring at me with a huge question mark to see whether I’ll eat them or not?

I had given up a lavish spread of desserts the previous evening so I was not ready to cheat and ruin everything. I gingerly opened the box and saw four huge chocolate cupcakes with flawless rich chocolate frosting. The home baker definitely knew what she was doing and this encouraged me all the more to take a bite of the cupcake. In that moment of weakness, I forgot about the challenge and immediately took a bite - only to regret it for the rest of the day. The cupcake was undercooked! I cheated for this! Why? Why!

The day ended shortly thereafter but the guilt didn’t! I could have avoided the cupcake, I could have instead cheated at the launch party. But I couldn’t undo what I had already done! I had fallen prey to sugar cravings just when I was about to reach the finishing line!

Illustrations: Vartika Pahuja


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