#NoSugarChallenge: The Finale: What I Learnt from the No-Sugar Challenge

Summarizing my learnings of 6 days.


The finale! Today was my last day and when I looked back on the last few days, I felt a sense of achievement. The challenge taught me a lot of things about food in general and sugar in particular that otherwise I would have never discovered.

  • The biggest lesson I learned was - portion control. Every time I craved for something sweet, I would eat all of it, be it a pack of biscuit or a slice of cake. Not even a morsel would be left behind! During this challenge, I had learned that every time you crave for sugar, either opt for natural sugars like fruits, nuts, jaggery, honey and maple syrup or have a bite of the sweet-treat and wait. Usually, the cravings subsides.
  • Eat balanced meals. Regular exercise or meditation can also help to curb the cravings as it increases blood-flow, reduces stress and increases metabolism.
  • Initially, my stomach used to have bloating issues, which reduced drastically as I had given up artificial sugar. Also, my skin could feel the difference in my skin and felt more energetic.
  • This challenge also helped me to develop some amount of resistance towards sweet things.
  • Apart from bringing change in my lifestyle, I have also encouraged my family members to avoid excess refined sugar and read labels before buying any edible product.

Try this even if you don’t have a sweet-tooth. Try it for fun like I did and you’ll understand how much sugar you unknowingly consume every day.
And yes, my team did gift me a rich chocolate pastry and I did share it with everyone as my heart was satisfied after two bites!


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