#NoSugarChallenge: Finding Ways to Survive Without Sugar

Day 1 without sugar was successful, but I knew I needed a plan to keep away the thoughts of sugary treats.


Tuesday, Day 2

I made it through the first day without my soul food, but the rest of the week stretches ahead like a chewing gum that has lost its sweetness. The only silver lining is that there’s just another 5 more days to go, I told myself and bolstered my confidence during the 15 minutes of meditation that I began to channel my inner calm. While I was doing my research on how to survive without sugar, I had come across a study by neuroscientist Sara Lazar at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, where she makes the connection between meditation and stress relief. Then again, if the stress level is in control, it helps in curbing the cravings for comfort foods and sugar treats. So I decided to try it out. I did feel calmer, but the results would only be out by the end of the day.

The Breakfast Table Discovery

I had skipped my breakfast at home, and the cafeteria menu at work was disappointing. I decided to cheat, but then spotted idli-sambar on the menu board. However, my happiness was short-lived, the typical Mumbai-style sambar is sweetened with sugar. Damn! I ended up eating just idli, chutney and lemon juice without sugar.

Working for a food portal has its perks, we always have a chef around. Our in-house chef, Mohit Chotrani, explained why the sambar tasted sweet. “Sugar is added to balance the flavours. Sometimes it is added to the batter to give dosas a brown tint.”

Self-control at Its Best

The morning meditation seemed to have helped because my inner sugar-goddess slept through lunch. But things took a wicked turn, when an invite arrived at the office. It was an invitation for the launch of a restaurant, and the invite was made of…hold your breath…FONDANT! Pure, unadulterated Sugaaaah! All my work colleagues gathered around me to rip out pieces but I managed to stay on track. Life is never fair, is it?

Today’s Learnings

Rather than buying ready mixes or premixed batter, make the idli and dosa batter at home. I’m certainly going to follow this now! And yea, meditation really helps, but fondant has supernatural powers too!

Next: How I discovered ways to bake sugar-free cakes!


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