#NoSugarChallenge: A Little Research Goes a Long Way When You’re Skipping Sugar

Did you know? You can enjoy a mug of beer even when you are off sugar.


Two more days to go, I said myself. People by now, I may have developed a resistance towards sugar, but my brain wasn’t a quitter. In spite of learning so many things from my challenge, I still couldn’t stop myself from counting the days. To add to my troubles, I had a launch party of an high-end restaurant to attend today. I knew I’d be served some amazing cocktails and lip-smacking food. I knew staying on course of my no-sugar path today evening was going to be difficult, but I was determined to pull it off.

If this wasn’t enough, my colleagues decided to pamper themselves with chaat. While everyone around me was enjoying tasty pani puri, sev puri and ragda pattice, I was eating dry bhel in one corner. I had to do so as one of the chutney used in chaat is the sweet chutney which is made of tamarind pulp and jaggery. However, using sugar is more economical.

Before the launch eve, I did some quick research on levels of sugar in alcohol and to my astonishment, none of them had added sugar. For the launch eve, I took my friend along because I needed someone to stop me from losing my self-control on seeing the dessert counter. And, maybe he could also tell me if the dish has sugar or not. I thanked myself for spending a little time to do some quick research as I could at least enjoy hard drinks, if not the cocktails.

What I Learnt?

Sarah Wilson, author of ‘I Quit Sugar’, mentions on her blog, “I quit sugar, beer, spirits and wine as options to opt for if you have quit sugar. These drinks have natural sugars and in spite of being made out of fermented fruits, the level of sugar is quite low.” However, she also mentions that champagne, dessert wine and sparkling drinks are a strict no-no. Cocktails have canned fruit juices too and this brings it under my not-to drink list – at least for the time being.

Illustrations: Vartika Pahuja


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