Natalie Portman-Produced Docu On Animal Farming Drops Big Truth Bombs

The trailer of Eating Animals, based on a 2009 book with the same name, has received rave reviews

Priyanko Sarkar

Jonathan Safran Voer’s 2009 book Eating Animals exposed the American public to the horrors and dangers of animal farming in the US. Now, a documentary with the same title is slated to hit US theatres and the rest of the world soon. Produced by Natalie Portman, the documentary seeks to explore the ethics of consuming animals in an age when these creatures are farmed on a mass scale and killed indiscriminately.

Directed by Christopher Quinn, the documentary pushes for a more wild-grown variety of animals rather than for them being cooped up in an industrial farm all their lives. As one of the farmers says chillingly, “There’s no way you can love an animal that has been genetically engineered to die in six weeks.”

The movie has garnered significant positive buzz already before it hits theatres in the US on June 15.

Watch the trailer here - 

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