Nachos get Bigger, Better and Bolder at HRC

The 'Nachos Gone Wild’ festival this month takes the HRC menu up a few notches.

LF Team

If you’re a fan of the king-sized nachos platter at HRC, there’s reason to cheer because a new festival aptly named ‘Nachos Gone Wild’ has just taken it up a few notches! The nacho platter arrives with a quirky take on flavours from across the world.

So there is the Lebanese Shawarma nachos, Pepperoni Pizzachos, Rodeo nachos, Desi Nachos Chaat and Tex-Mex nachos, among others. Our picks: Oriental nachos—fried wontons layered with minced chicken and exciting sauces; and the Lebanese Shawarma nachos which has a layer of hummus you can dip into. We also loved the Apple and Walnut Pie nacho crumble—serving the crumble on a bed of crunchy nachos is a great way to serve dessert! The Desi Nachos Chaat was a disappointment, you'd rather stick to your local Bhelpuriwala. We weren't too excited by the Rodeo nachos either, because, well, the others kept us busy!

The Nacho platters have been paired with crafted Margarita like the Mojitarita, Bulldog Margarita and Cranberry and Lychee margarita, among others. Worth a shot!

When: Between 1st February – 31st March, 2017.


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