Mutton Empanadas and Healthy Salads are Coming to A Starbucks Near You

Here is our verdict on the new favourites that you need to try now

Annabelle D’Costa

If you are late to the third wave coffee trend and still addicted to Starbucks coffee, here's good reason to rejoice! Lately, Starbucks has realised that one cannot subsist on lattes and frappes alone. Moving beyond their ‘coffee only’ image, they’ve been slowly working towards capturing a market that is a natural extension for most caffeine connoisseurs: after all, conversations with coffee include delicious bakes and eats too. Step into any Starbucks outlet and you’ll see that there are just about as many food items as drinks. Ranging from hot sandwiches to cold salads, the extensive menu tops even the biggest fast-food chains in terms of variety.

In its ongoing quest to make Starbucks as much about food as coffee, the company has introduced a new food menu starring 18 fresh food offerings– all of which make for the perfect grab and go options—in Mumbai and Pune. 

We made a beeline to check out some of these offerings and these our thoughts from our taste test. 

Mutton Empanada
What is it? Minced mutton cooked in Indian spices encased in a Spanish pastry.
Our Thoughts: If you’re a non-vegetarian in search of a savoury alternative to the sugary pastry, listen to the call of the Mutton Empanada. It’s a very filling savoury pastry fit for breakfast or lunch where you genuinely taste the kheema rather than the doughy pastry—a rarity. 

Tres Leches
What is it?: A sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk: coconut milk, condensed milk, and non-fat milk.
Our Thoughts: If you have a sweet tooth like mine, then the Tres Leches is for you. We vote for it because it makes for a good dessert especially if you’re looking for something rich but not aggressively sweet. 

Chocolate Spread on Brioche
What is it?: Hazelnut spread on a soft textured French bread with a buttery flavour and aroma, with slivers of roasted almonds sprinkled on top.
Our Thoughts: We can eat anything chocolate and this open-faced dessert sandwich was obviously a hit!. Reminiscent of Nutella, the mix of the chocolaty topping and crunchy crust was perfect in every bite. We may not opt for this as breakfast but as a dessert nothing will stop us from indulging!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
What is it?: A soft and chewy chocolate cookie topped with chocolate chips.
Our Thoughts: If you’ve dreamed of a cookie laden with ooey-gooey chocolate, the giant cookie is a delight and will take you back to your happy place. If you didn’t, this otherwise respectable chocolate cookie might just become your next fave thing. 

P.S: We tried not to consider calorie counts for the purpose of tasting these items! 

Lead image illustrated by Vartika Pahuja  


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