Must-try Lip Smacking Dosa Combinations

Spice up your plain dosa with these savoury side dishes

Priya Prakasan

It cannot be denied that dosa has become synonymous to South Indian food, irrespective of the states and regions. The crispy crepe-style ubiquitous dosa is the most popular amongst a bevy of

rice-based dishes

such as idli, dosa, appam, puttu, etc.  A beloved breakfast dish, made by rice and dehusked black gram batter which is fermented before use. 

A well-prepared batter is the key to get the perfect taste and texture of the dosa. Chef Rajesh Shetty, Executive Chef, Travel Food Services says, "The process of making dosa involves soaking rice and black gram in water with some fenugreek seeds and grinding it to make a fine batter with a thick consistency. The batter is then allowed to ferment overnight." A ladleful of the batter is spread in a thinnest layer possible on a hot griddle pan greased with ghee or oil and cooked to a crispy perfection. A variation of dosa is masala dosa, where the dosa has a filling of potatoes cooked with onions and spices. Both dosa and

masala dosa

are usually served hot with coconut chutney and


. But if you’re looking for more interesting accompaniments to go with dosa, here are five interesting dosa combinations for you to try.

1. Dosa and kurma 

Kurma is a popular dish made with braised vegetable or meat in creamy coconut or cashew-based gravy. Usually, you will find vegetable kurma in most South Indian eateries served with rice or appam. This rich dish uses vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and cauliflower with aromatic spices such as star anise, bay leaf, cumin cardamom and cloves. You can pair this vegetable curry with your dosa and serve it as for breakfast or lunch. (Don't have enough time for breakfast?

Here's how to make instant


dosa in just 10 minutes


2. Dosa and ishtew 

Kerala-style stew also known as ishtu is a mild and flavourful side dish usually served with appam and idiyappam, but it is also a great dish to pair with dosa. The coconut-based gravy with aromatic whole spices makes this dish heartwarming and satiating. Ishtu can be, both, vegetarian or non-vegetarian; you can use chicken, mutton and even potatoes work very well as the main ingredient. Often other veggies such as carrot and green peas are also tossed in. It is a simple dish to prepare and makes a hearty breakfast side dish that can be served with dosa. 

3. Dosa and varutharacha chicken curry 

Nothing can beat the taste of a chicken curry made with roasted spices and coconut served with steaming hot dosas. Chicken curry is traditionally made in

Kerala kitchens

by roasting the spices and coconut and then grinding them to make flavourful curry. It is called
varutharacha chicken curry, which literally describes the process of roasting and grounding the spices. The perfect blend of coconut and spices gives this dish a unique flavour profile when compared to any other

chicken dish

. Team this chicken curry with plain dosa for a match made in heaven!

4. Dosa and xacuti 

This classic Goan dish


is another dish that pairs beautifully with plain dosa.  Xacuti is prepared by marinating chicken with a mix of ginger, garlic, coriander and chilies and cooking it with a mix of xacuti masala paste and grated coconut. Again, this dish consists of a list of dry roasted spices that packs a punch of
flavour. Chicken can also be substituted with any other meat or vegetable as per your preference and served with dosa.

5. Dosa and beef fry 

Beef fry with parotta (Malabar paratha) is popular pairing served in most Kerala restaurants. Pan-roasted beef slow-cooked with spices, coconuts pieces and curry leaves is something most Keralites go bonkers for. The slow-cooked meat melts in your mouth, which makes it the perfect side dish with plain dosas. 

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