Mumbai's Suzette Bakery is Where All Your Bread Dreams Come True

Oh, and cookie dreams and pastry dreams, and more…

Shraddha Varma

Pierre Labail, a French expat stands behind the glass display case, greeting customers and introducing them to traditional French bakes, puff pastries, and sandwiches lined on a marble countertop.

The wall behind Labail boasts a variety of artisanal breads. As one of the three minds behind Suzette Creperie & Café and Kitchen Garden by Suzette, he’s simultaneously guiding his staff on how to attend the ceaseless stream of customers who walk into the 300-sq-ft Suzette Bakery, launched in September 2019. 

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Whether it is the middle of the week, mid-afternoon, the bakery is abuzz. College students sip on hot chocolate and smoothies, while a group of older women chat among themselves in the al-fresco area, which it shares with the Kitchen Garden.

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Almost all the tables are occupied but the overall vibe is much calmer compared to the frenzy they witness on weekends, says Labail. And much like the other Suzette outlets, the interiors are refreshing and minimalistic.

Making the most of this limited space, the Suzette bakery offers delights that not only satiate the stomach but are Instagram-friendly. 

Thumbs Up

The small and minimalist space is redolent with quintessential baked goods that occupy the marble countertop. However it was the baguette, tall and slender, on the shelf that was calling us.

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Amused at our wide-eyed reaction, one of the Suzette employees offers us a slice of the baguette with a dollop of butter on the side.

As we settle down to relish the warm, crusty slice, we get introduced to Antonia Achache and Jérémie Sabbagh, the other two partners. Both Achache and Sabbagh spent five years at a baking school in Paris. Their Parisian experience reflects on the diverse menu the duo put together for Suzette Bakery. 


After the baguette, we go on to try the Paris-Brest, a classic French choux pastry filled with hazelnut and almond praline butter cream. Topped with roasted hazelnuts, the pastry is light, airy, and crunchy at the same time and the filling, nutty and creamy.

The freshly assembled millefeuille will make you smile. Fluffy, creamy vanilla custard is piped between flaky sheets of puff pastry. It’s messy and comforting, a respite from a hectic day. Imagine buttery and indulgent puff pastry with velvety custard—true love personified, we say! 

Millefeuille, madeleines, sandwiches, and other dishes on the Suzette Bakery menu

The star at Suzette Bakery has to be the lemon meringue tart. Best way to really enjoy this tart is to pick it up and bite into it. BOOM! The lemon curd just blows our mind with its brilliant acidity balanced with creaminess. Sure, there’s the meringue to lend a mild sweetness, but it’s important that one doesn’t go overboard with the tart flavour in the lemon curd. 

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Thumbs down

Sadly, Suzette bakery hasn’t partnered with any food delivery platforms yet, so our plans of ordering in has to wait. Labail says that the entire menu except for the traditional French pastries will soon be available for delivery. 

Ask him why not the French treats and he explains, “Most of these desserts don’t travel well and we don’t want our customers to end up with soggy or damaged treats.” So if you wish to gorge on these classic desserts, schedule a trip to Bandra now. 


Suzette Bakery promises to be a heaven for people who love baked treats and we see ourselves routinely hanging out at the al-fresco area with friends—sipping on some coffee, stuffing our faces with the lemon meringue tart, and making merry memories. 

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Images courtesy: Suzette


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