Move Over Potato-Stuffed Samosa, Make Way for These Samosa Fillings Instead

Give your favourite evening snack samosa recipe an innovative twist with these samosa filling ideas

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The good old aloo samosa with its crunchy papdi has always been there – from comforting you on dull monsoon evenings to being the best friend to your chai. But at times, making the same potato-stuffed samosa recipe can get boring. Not to mention the guilt of calories that all that potato and deep-frying brings along. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your love for this all-time favourite evening snack. The next time those samosa cravings kick in, ditch the potato filling samosa recipe and get creative with some of these samosa filling ideas instead. And why limit your samosa to savoury when you can easily turn samosa into a sweet dish too. These samosa recipes will show you how. Happy eating!


It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Sneaking vegetables in the samosa filling not only helps up the health quotient of your samosa recipe but also adds nutritional value to your kid’s meal. For the samosa filling, make sure you chop the vegetables finely. Remember to dry the chopped vegetables before using as stuffing so that you are not left with a soggy samosa. This Feta Spinach Patti Samosa Recipe by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai packs in a punch of nutrition and taste with its spinach and feta cheese filling. Tease your taste buds by treating them to Chef Ranveer Brar’s Kadhai Sabzi Samosa Recipe. This healthy samosa makes for a great starter at house parties!

Kuch meetha ho jaaye?

If you have a sweet tooth, you could turn your fantasy into reality by incorporating all things sweet from chocolate to dry fruits into your samosa and turning it into a sweet dish. If you can’t get enough of figs, sneak them into your samosa stuffing for a sweet treat. Chef Ranveer Brar gives a fruity twist to the samosa with this Anjeer Kebab Samosa Recipe while Chef Ripudaman Handa throws in green apples to his samosa recipe. Brar also turns the savoury samosa into a sweet dish with this Anjeer Besan Sheera Samosa Recipe. Slay your festive table by adding shredded coconut flakes into your samosa. This Sweet Coconut Samosa Recipe shows you how.

Easy Peasy and Cheesy

Oozing with melted cheese and maybe a handful of vegetables, this samosa filling isn’t for the faint-hearted. All you need for a cheese samosa recipe are a few cubes of cheese, herbs and spices of your choice and voila, you’ll have the cheesiest samosa sure to win over any diet watcher! You can also throw in a few olives, jalapenos and sauces of your choice to bring an international twist to your samosa recipe. Don’t forget, the more the cheese, the better.

What’s fishy?

There’s no better way to turn your love for seafood into something even better than a filling for your crunchy samosa. You tweak around your classic samosa recipe with any fish, sauces, spices or herbs of your choice and make your version of a non-veg samosa. Make sure to cook and debone your fish before mashing it into a filling. Tip: Fish samosas taste even better when paired with some spicy mint chutney. Chef Ripudaman Handa takes lip-smacking spicy masala mackerel and turns it into this Spicy Mackerel Samosa Recipe. This one is a must try for one of your experimental evenings in the kitchen.

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