Mithila Palkar’s Guide to Eating Out in Mumbai

The Girl in the City gets candid about her love for Indian Chinese and Kirti College vada pav.

Joanna Lobo

Mithila Palkar is living her best life. The Mumbai girl, who shot to fame for a self-made video of her singing a Marathi song, Hi Chaal Turu Turu (à la Anna Kendricks’ Pitch Perfect), using cups, is now an established and award-winning actress. She straddles Hindi and Marathi cinema with ease and her bubbly personality and expressive face make her a delight to watch. Beyond acting, Palkar has a voracious appetite for food and spends most of her money on it.

Your favourite street food?

Vada Pav! One of my go-to places is the legendary Kirti College in Dadar. I also enjoy eating their chura pav. I also enjoy the pani puri and veg cheese grilled sandwich from Jay Sandwich, Bandra.

The healthiest thing you’ve eaten on the street?

Sandwiches from Jay Sandwich, Bandra

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Favourite food to eat outside?

Indian Chinese

Best place to eat it?

Gypsy Chinese, Dadar. This is one place where I have been going since I was a child and the one dish that I HAVE to order is their
Chicken Lollipop.  

Your staple drink?

It actually depends on where I am. I’m not that big on alcohol! I prefer sweet lassi

Best places to eat Indian food?

I am not sure about Indian but I love Prakash and Aaswad from Dadar for their Maharashtrian cuisine.

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Where do you go for a night out in town?

I sit at home (laughs). Honestly, we are mostly at someone’s house because we don’t go out partying. And if we ever have to meet it’s not like a night plan. We hang out at Shivaji Park!

Do you attend foodie pop ups?

I don’t. But if I want to, it would be anything to do with fish like Goan food.

If hunger strikes at night, where do you go/order from?

Since I am home, I mostly stick to Maggi since it’s quick and easy to make.

Hole-in-the wall or fine-dine?

I prefer hole-in-the-wall because you don’t have to think about what to wear. You can just be dressed in comfy clothes!

The most adventurous/ innovative thing you’ve eaten in Mumbai?

I haven’t experimented with street food too much. There’s a place called Ravi Dosa in Borivali. I have only been there once but their schezwan noodle dosa managed to roll my taste buds.  

Where do you take your family out to celebrate?

I might sound like a boring person but we don’t go out. We eat at home. Since I live with my grandparents, you can imagine how much we go out. When my maasi comes from the US, only then do we go out. My grandparents’ favourite place is Gypsy Chinese, Gypsy Corner for desi food and Apoorva for dosas.  

Do you prefer ordering in or eating out: why?

I am not a very go-out-and-party type of a person. I barely get to sit at home, so I prefer ordering in over eating out.

Food you eat to keep fit?

Ghar ka khaana.

What’s your daily diet like?

chapati, dal, salad and bhaji. Anything made at home is my daily diet. I do not follow a diet plan, I eat everything.

How do you manage your diet when shooting or travelling?

Since I don’t have a diet plan and I get hungry every two hours, I just make sure that I eat everything healthy. Any non-vegetarian dish is good for me.

Instagram food first or just eat it?

I don’t have the patience of clicking pictures. It totally depends on how hungry I am at that point of time and how pretty the food looks. So, eating is my priority.


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