Mishti Doi – The Most Popular And Authentic Bengali Dessert

Make your guests happy with our mishti doi recipe, This blog will tell you how light, sweet and a delectable famous Bengali dessert can be prepared and served with lots of joy.


Mishti Doi is an internationally recognised dish from Bengal. Bengalis world over have a soft spot for a well-made pot of mishti doi. And guess what, mishti doi is also very easy to make at home!

Best for the Festive Season

Mishti Doi is a Bengali dessert that is popular all across India. Anyone can make this dish for any festivals, or you can have this after your meals as well. Light, sweet, mild, and highly addictive, mishti doi makes a very good options when you are entertaining guests over a meal. Mishti Doi is a simple recipe made by sweetening curd with caramelised sugar and curd then set in earthen pots.

Serving Mishti Doi

You can serve delicious mishti doi after a lavish Bengali meal of Luchi, Aloo Dum, and Tomato chutney. Mishti doi is easily available in sweet shops in the markets or confectioneries across the country. Fruit-flavoured Mishti Doi, such as ‘Aam Doi' is a popular mishti doi variant. ‘Bhapa Doi’ on the other hand is a modified mishti doi that is prepared by blending condensed milk and curd.

Preparing Mishti Doi

Mishti doi is made by boiling milk until it is slightly thickened. Jaggery then is added as a sweetener. The sweetened milk is left to cool down and then seasoned with cardamom for flavour and fragrance.

Plain yoghurt is added to the sweetened milk and left to let the curd bacteria to activate and ferment. Traditionally earthen pots are used for making mishti doi, because it soaks all moisture as well as offers the right temperature for the yogurt culture to flourish. Set the pot in a warm place.

Mishti doi tastes best without adding any flavour in it. You can try different variants of Mishti Doi that are easily available in the sweet shop.


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