Minissha Lamba Swears by Mumbai's Street-Side Sandwiches

And she can't do without chaat masala! Read this actor's foodie secrets

Scroll through Minissha Lamba's Instagram and you’d think that she’s all into healthy and ‘fruit’ful eating. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the actress lives on a diet of green tea, kale chips and a bowl of fruits. While her fit bod may tell you otherwise, it turns out that very much like us, she has a sweet tooth, after all. When asked how she finds a balance between her love for food and staying fit, Lamba admits, “That’s a constant battle I wave with myself daily.”

After marking her acting debut with Yahaan back in 2005, and treating us to movies like Bachna Ae Haseeno and Bheja Fry 2, Lamba has won hearts on the silver screen. Recently, her acting career found a different medium as she marked her theatre debut. She went all out solo in Mirror Mirror by AGP World, a 75-minute play which is a dramatised story of identical twins whose sibling rivalry transcends the bounds of normal. Directed by Saif Hyder Hasan, Mirror Mirror saw Lamba essaying 13 characters! As the actor celebrates the success of her solo play, Living Foodz got a chance to talk all things food with her. Read on to know some of Lamba’s guilty food indulgences, so that you don’t feel bad the next time you find yourself gorging yourself silly on that tub of ice cream!

To diet or not to diet: I don’t really follow any particular diet. However, I do consciously try and avoid all whites - especially rice, maida (all-purpose flour) and sugar. I also try my best to steer clear of deep-fried foods. This is my way of practising healthy eating on most days if not all. Staying hydrated is something I always focus on. I also include a lot of fruits in my diet. I love pineapples, fuji apples, lychees and coconuts.

Lunch and dinner: When it comes to my meals, I'm quite a non-fussy eater. So anything works.

In between meals: I like bingeing on some chips and Hide & Seek biscuits. 

Childhood memories of food: The earliest food memory that I have is of my family sitting down together and feasting on simple ghar ka khana. This would usually include gobi, mutter paneer, rajma and channa.

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Fave restaurants: I don’t have any favourites as such. It usually depends on what I feel like eating at that point.

Fave cuisine: I love all cuisines so it gets difficult to put my finger on just one. But if I have to pick one then hands down, it’s got to be South Indian. Apart from that, I’d kill for a plate of creamy pasta.

Fave street food: Indian chaat! There's just something about Indian chaat that makes it almost too good to resist. Chaat has and will always continue to be my go-to desi food. I also have a thing for sandwiches and always make it a point to stop by any road-side stall in Mumbai to give into my sandwich cravings.

Fave comfort food: When in the mood for some comfort food, it’s always bread with a plateful of butter chicken.

My poison: This is easy. Dessert and ice cream, obviously!

Tea or coffee: No hiding here. Yes, tea is good but I am a coffee slave and can’t do without my daily dose of java! However, when it comes to sipping the perfect cuppa coffee, I always like it cold.

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Weirdest food I’ve ever had: Paaya and Bhejaa, for sure.

Experimenting in the kitchen: Well, I don’t cook. But I do have a weakness for sugar, which I have translated into a baking hobby. When I’m not baking, I’m busy stuffing my face with desserts like chocolate fondant, cheesecakes and, of course, brownies.

One ingredient that’s a must in all her meals: I love chaat masala! It also makes for my favourite add on. I put it in anything and everything that I can.

One thing you will always find in my refrigerator: Dahi is something that I can’t do without, no matter what! There’s always some lying around in my refrigerator.

One dish that I could eat for the rest of my life: I have two actually! Gobi and Raita. That’s right. I could live off gobi and raita for all the days to come.

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