Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

This North Indian dish is a favourite for many and best enjoyed with rice

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Dal makhani is a popular North Indian dish from Punjabi cuisine. You will always find dal makhani in the menu of a North Indian restaurant. Dal makhani is a main course dish and most commonly enjoyed with naan, roti or rice. Some people love dal makhani so much, they simply slurp on bowls full of warm, comforting and creamy dal makhani.

Dal makhani is often confused with kaali dal, another main course dish from Punjabi cuisine, which is also called maa ki daal. This is a popular North Indian dish however it is made using only black gram or urad dal. On the other hand, the dal makhani recipe includes a mix of urad dal and rajma or kidney beans. Another major difference is the presence of butter or cream in dal makhani which adds to the richness of this favourite North Indian dish. The butter or cream, known as makhan in Punjabi, in the dal makhani recipe is how the North Indian dish gets its name.

Dal Makhani Recipe

To make your own dal makhani recipe at home, follow the easy steps in this recipe video:
Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

Dal Makhani in Restaurant Style

Just knowing the dal makhani recipe is not enough. To achieve the same creamy texture and rich flavours like the dal makhani at your favourite restaurant, you need to cook the dal makhani recipe like the experts do. Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Kunal Kapur share some expert tips on things you can do before you get started on the dal makhani recipe. From preparation hacks like soaking the lentils in advance to cooking techniques that bring out the best flavours in your dal makhani, check out these expert tips to make restaurant-style dal makhani at home.

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Leftover Dal Makhani Recipe Ideas

You gave in to your craving for warm dal makhani by making the dal makhani recipe at home. Wondering what to do with the leftover dal makhani? Instead of letting it sit at the back of your refrigerator for days, check out these dal makhani recipe ideas to know how you can make an entirely new dish out of your leftover dal makhani. Relish the flavours of dal makhani in many more meals, find out how.

Jeera Rice Recipe

Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

Dal makhani is most commonly enjoyed with a generous helping of jeera rice. The combination of jeera rice and dal makhani is the quickest comfort food and will soon become your go-to option when you're hungry. Gurdip Kohli Punj shares simple instructions to make the jeera rice recipe at home in this recipe video. 

To make it a full North Indian meal, complete your dal makhani and jeera rice combination with a glass of Amritsari Lassi.

Full Amritsar Thali

If the dal makhani recipe has kindled an interest in North Indian dishes and Punjabi cuisine, learn about the other Punjabi dishes that accompany dal makhani in a typical thali from Amritsar. From sarson ka saag to makai ki roti, read the full story of a thali in Amritsar.

More Dal Recipes for Main Course

Indian main course features many types of dal. While dal makhani is the most popular dal from North India, other regions boast their own dal. Here are some dal recipes from Living Foodz to try at home:

Aamti Recipe

Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

Aamti is a popular Maharashtrian dish. In this Aamti Recipe, Gurdip Kohli Punj uses split orange lentils. Follow the easy instructions in the recipe video to make this aamti recipe at home.

Dal Sultani Recipe

Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

The name says it all, this dal comes from the royal kitchens of Mughal sultans and nawabs. North Indian cuisine includes several dishes from Mughlai cuisine as well. To make this dal sultani recipe at home, follow the easy instructions by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria in this recipe video.

Trevti Dal Recipe

Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

The trevti dal is a popular Gujarati dish. Trevti means three as this dal recipe is made using three types of lentils or dals. In this trevti dal recipe, Chef Gautam Mehrishi uses bengal grams, green chana and kidney beans. Follow the simple instructions in the recipe video to make the trevti dal recipe at home.

Andhra Tomato Dal Recipe

Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

Dals are not unique to North Indian cuisine. Try this Andhra Tomato Dal recipe at home to experiment with flavours from the south. In Telugu, the language of Andhra Pradesh, dal is known as pappu. Check out the simple steps in this recipe video to make this Andhra-style dal at home.

Dal Bukhara Recipe

Master Dal Makhani Recipe For Anytime Comfort Food

Dal Bukhara is another popular dal recipe from North Indian recipes. It is often considered a cousin to dal makhani since both the dal variations are made using black gram or urad dal. While the Moti Mahal chain of restaurants is credited for the dal makhani recipe, the ITC restaurant Bukhara is the source of the Dal Bukhara recipe. To achieve its distinct flavours, the restaurant slow cooks the dal bukhara on a wood fire for 18 hours. To make the dal bukhara recipe at home, you don’t need to slow cook it for so many hours. Just follow the simple instructions in this recipe video by Living Foodz.

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