Mango Version 3.0 is out! Here's Where You Should Be Heading

The Mango gets a makeover at these restaurants and cafés around you

Annabelle D’Costa

Look no further than these places to satisfy your mango cravings:

All Elements Café and Home Décor, Mumbai

You don’t need to travel to Italy for a taste of the city’s authentic dishes. Simply head to All Elements Café and treat yourself to Pollo Ala Marengo, a traditional Italian dish. Executive Chef Vinay explains, “This dish is prepared across Italy during the mango season and makes for a wholesome meal that is rich in nutrients and flavours. Ingredients like broccoli give it a healthy touch.”

Peninsula Redpine, Mumbai

A fresh tropical twist to grilled lamb chops, the Mango Macerated Grilled Lamb Chops with spicy Mango Mint Coulis is one to watch out for. Executive Chef Ruffy Shaikh says, “The meat soaks up the flavor of the mango juice, which when served with brown rice and cous cous, makes for a great meal.

Cafe StayWoke, Gurugram

The Mango Startup Mug is packed with all things healthy - wheat flakes, oats, acacia honey, fresh mangoes, pineapple, yoghurt and fresh mint, with no added preservatives. What better way to kick-start your day than on a healthy note with this power-packed food in a mug. Chef Tarun Sibal says, “The idea behind introducing this was to transform something simple into something exciting yet healthy. Normally a healthy breakfast that is high on nutrition sounds boring. We wanted to change that with the jars.”

Nutriobox, Delhi and Gurgaon

With meals in bowls being all the rage right now, the Mango Smoothie Bowl at Nutriobox is one not to miss. Founders Aayush and Satvik say, “Who doesn’t like eating out of a decadent bright bowl packed with the goodness of fresh fruits, seeds and nuts? Apart from offering you a delightful tropical touch, this dish also makes for a filling meal that can be enjoyed any time of the day.”

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Alibaug

Crunchy, tangy and sometimes spicy – pickles are one of the most enticing foods which help jazz up any boring or bland dish. And while one can pickle almost anything, from garlic and ginger to potatoes, carrots and even beans, mango continues to remain one of the most favourite and commonly-pickled foods. Sr. Executive Sous Chef Narayan Salunke says, “Combining the sweetness of mangoes with savoury ingredients, we have the Kachya Ambyache Lonche (Quick Pickle) and Kairi Aani Kandyache Takku (Grated Raw Mango & Onion Pickle), which make a great accompaniment to any Indian dish.”

Amuse House, New Delhi

The Olive oil poached Salmon with Mango and Sherry reduction is one of the most addictive yet healthy dishes inspired from the classic French salmon dish. Chef Arvind Bharti says, “Bursting with flavor, this low-fat dish fuses the goodness of both - sweet fruit with fresh vegetables. Salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and a host of other protein benefits, and when combined with mango, this dish can help you get your daily dose of health.”

Karma Kismet, New Delhi

The perfect end to a nice and yummy meal among friends? An irresistible seasonal dessert! Look no further than Karma Kismet’s Pilabla Chai Chocolate and Mango texture dessert. “A perfect dish to be enjoyed on a warm summer day, this refreshing dessert is all you need to cool you off,” says Chef Deepankar Khosla.

Ananda in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Detox the tasty way with the Detox Mango Smoothie, a nutritious and delicious smoothie with the goodness of coconut water, chia seeds, dates and more. Senior Sous Chef, Diwakar Balodi says, “Drawing inspiration from seasonal produce and locally sourced ingredients, we try to make healthy seem tasty. Taking the season’s most favourite fruit and turning it into an ayurvedic delight will help one reap the health benefits and get a taste of the tropics in every sip.” Good health has never tasted so good.

Mad Over Donuts

There is just something about the combination of mango and chocolate – these sweet flavours are just so delicious and comforting! And when combined with donuts, they help add a little touch of tropical sweetness to your day. Tarak Bhattacharya COO says, “Mango is a major game changer in summer and being the trendsetter for donuts in India, we try to make the most of every mango season by launching new flavours to satisfy the mango cravings of the Indian palate.” For a sweet treat, head to Mad Over Donuts and choose from their three additional tropical flavours – Mango Twist (Donuts dipped in mango chocolate and topped off with mango chocolate shavings), Mango Pulp Fiction (Donuts topped with smooth milk chocolate, mango chocolate drizzle and fresh mango custard) and Mango Impossible (Donuts dunked in delicious milk chocolate and topped with a smooth swirl of mango butter cream).

99 Pancakes, Mumbai

Mango with pancakes – the best of both worlds. Yes, that’s right! 99 Pancakes is making the most of the mango season. Owner Vikesh Shah says, “The Mango Mini Pancakes are mix of the traditional Holland pancake and the most loved Indian fruit – mango. We also have the Mango Shake, a cool and tempting drink that’s perfect for finding respite from Mumbai’s hot summer. And then we have the Mango Snowflakes - are our own take on how the combination of mangoes and a cold Russian winter would taste like.”


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