Make Your Mornings ‘Good’ With These Easy Make-Ahead Sandwiches

These breakfast sandwiches will surely make you a morning person

No matter how hard we try, waking up early in the morning is always a task. As much as we want to have a nice sit-down king-sized breakfast, we're often too rushed, especially if we've been hitting that snooze button a little too long. However, skipping the most important meal of the day is not what you should be aiming for. For a filling meal that helps you stay energised for the rest of the day look no further than these seven make-ahead breakfast sandwiches. Make them the previous night, throw them into your fridge and simply munch on your daily commute.

Egg Salad Sandwich 


This easy to make egg-cellent sandwich is just the perfect way to begin your day. A good source of proteins, eggs will help get through your day without making you feel sluggish. You can also throw in other veggies of your choice and fix yourself a power-packed meal. 

Roasted Pepper and Chilli Sandwiches 


This sandwich will hit you at just the right spot with its bold flavours. Assemble your sandwiches at night, and in the morning while in your shower, let them toast over medium heat. What’s more, when paired with mustard or tomato sauce, this sandwich tastes even better.

Pan Seared Broccoli Sandwich 


This crunchy sandwich packed with the goodness of broccoli won't even make you realise you're eating greens. Your mamma is sure gonna be proud of you! Every bite into this sandwich will provide you with a wide range of nutrients, which your body will thank you for.


Popeye’s Favourite Muscle Booster Sandwich 


What better way to eat your veggies than this delicious and crunchy sandwich! This cheesy sandwich will make it almost impossible for you to leave home without having a proper sit-down meal. 

Russian Salad Sandwich 


You read that right! Simply turn your leftover salad from last night's dinner into your next day's meal. Best when enjoyed cold, this Russian salad sandwich is not only easy to make but also packed with veggies and fruits making it a healthy breakfast option. 

Tandoori Tofu Sandwich 


This is a smart and yummy way to reap the benefits of soy. A vegetarian and vegan's good source of proteins, calcium, iron and magnesium tofu makes for a great addition to your morning meal. Others could simply switch the tofu for paneer, and follow the same recipe. 

Lemon Hummus and Vegetable Sandwich



Tangy and flavourful, this sandwich is a great way to get your kids to eat their daily dose of veggies. If you'd like to experiment with your hummus, simply give these unique recipes a try.

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