Make Your Dabba Dreams Come True with Mumbai’s Healthy Tiffin Services

All we need is a dabba packed with aroma, the warmth and the delicious food that’s ready to be gobbled on.

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The power of a home-cooked healthy meal in a dabba is underrated. The modern life where constant travel and deadlines takes priority, we forget that we also need to take care of our body. Quite often, our work becomes a reason for skipping meals or skimming through good deals on Zomato and Swiggy. We hardly have the time to make our dabbas, forget making it filled with healthy meal recipes. 

But, what makes a dabba healthy? It’s simple. A perfect dabba consists of home-cooked food that quenches your hunger and complements the healthy lifestyle you are aiming at. A meal that makes you crave homemade food without having to compromise on your health is what a perfect lunchbox of your dreams is made of.  

The good news is, it is not impossible to get a perfect healthy dabba on your office desk, at least if you’re living in Mumbai.

Here are 5 tiffin services in Mumbai that will make your life a whole lot easier and healthier. 


Food Darzee

Kick-started by four classmates in 2017, Food Darzee does exactly as its name suggests—makes tailored meals for its customers. Food Darzee’s breakfast recipes include keto dishes such as sausage omelette roll and broccoli cheese patty. Lunch consists of healthy recipes such as butter chicken, keto rotis, keto biriyani, and many more. While their mid-day snacks include keto chocolate fudge, bunless burgers, zucchini nachos, and their dinner is packed with nutritional food like paneer kurma, grilled steaks, and keto burritos.
They claim that no dish is repeated for at least a month. With a strong team of nutritionists and chefs, Food Darzee has a 10,000+ customer base with an average weight loss range of 10 kg.


POD Supply

POD Supply stands for Personal Optimised Diet, and highly optimised it is! They have nutritionists who create a diet for you depending on your medical tests and food habits. If needed, POD Supply chefs will also travel with you! Their specialised diet plans have not only commanded attention from the locals but also from Bollywood celebrities such as Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar. The folks at POD take everything into account, from your likes and dislikes to your allergies. Their range of low carb food dishes such as a lip-smacking kale and cheese omelette and Mexican chicken salad with a side of guacamole. A typical dinner includes Norwegian Salmon in Tomato sauce with sautéed veggies. 


Vegan Bites

For people who have chosen the vegan life, Vegan Bites will be your saviour! The tiffin service provides lip-smacking, healthy, plant-based food (and yes, it’s gluten-free too). Their healthy meal recipes are also 100% vegan and dairy-free. They provide two types of menus, one with grain and one with no carbs. Their grain menu includes a vegetable salad, snacks, rice, vegetable and drinks. Their no carbs menu includes vegetable salad, snacks, soup and a sprout salad.

You can even try their ice-creams which are sugar-free and dairy-free. Vegan Bites is one of the few places where vegans can enjoy their food without having to worry about food restrictions or compromising on taste. 




Sick of being offered paneer in every vegetarian dish? Herbivore is here! Vegetarians will be spoilt for choice with Herbivore’s array of cuisines and dishes that include the likes of raw mango salad, Pad Thai salad, beetroot cutlet with mint chutney, spinach methi and more. Each tiffin box has four elements: A salad, two mains and either a soup or a drink such as fresh lemonade. None of their dishes are repeated for 30 days. Herbivore is a great option if you are a vegetarian and have some qualms about non-vegetarian establishments serving vegetarian food. 


Savor Lunch

Savor Lunch is a venture started by The Secret Supper Project (a supper club gone big) to reintroduce meals with healthy recipes. Determined to give you an experience of a lifetime, Savor Lunch by The Secret Supper Project gives a facelift to the typical dabba lunch. Each meal lets you explore various cuisines with nutritious food such pasta with asparagus and lemony ricotta sauce garnished with bacon bits, miso chicken with nori rice, and almond soup. 

Who said dabba dreams don’t come true? The above options are a great way to get healthy meals delivered at home or to your office. 

Featured Image: Courtesy Food Darzee


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