Make Way For The Sweetest Study Offer Ever

This UK university is offering a PhD in chocolate


The University of the West of England based in Bristol is offering a 14296 pound (around Rs 12 lakh) grant per year for someone who wishes to study PhD in chocolate. All you need to apply is a certification of English language – apart from a willingness to take up the offer.

The three-year position has been created as demand from the chocolate industry for more forensic data about different cocoa strains has risen in the past few years. The successful candidate will be required to study fermentation of cocoa beans and how they can be used to create specific flavor profiles. The candidate will also be required to look into sustainable models of producing cocoa.

If that sounds to be too good to be true, then there’s the small catch of time attached. The last date for applications to be sent to the university is February 27, 2017.

All other details are here.


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