Make this Diwali special with some Instant Sweet Dishes

Diwali is not only a festival for lights but also a festival for delicious food and love among people, know some easy sweet dish recipes that you can cook at home this Diwali


India and festivals are a mirror image of each other. Festivals make India a special country where family unites and celebrate together. And sweets like laddus make this celebration complete. Diwali is the festival of sweets, Fire Crackers and light. Due to a hectic schedule, if you are unable to spare enough time to prepare Diwali recipes or sweet dishes, then you can make simple and instant sweet recipes and enjoy it with your family and friends. Let us have a look at two Instant Sweet Recipes 1) Coconut Laddu / Nariyal Ke Laddu:- A sweet and simple yet delicious recipe which is made using khoya, sugar and grated coconut. Follow the simple recipe: To make these laddus, take a pan and add 2 cups of grated coconut, 1 cup cream, ½ cup milk and ½ cup sugar and then boil it on medium flame. Cook for 5 minutes. Scrape the sides until the mixture starts coming together. Continue cooking for few more minutes until it makes a nice soft dough. Then spread the mixture in a plate and let it cool for few minutes. Then start moulding the mixture into round shaped laddus. Your Coconut Laddu/Nariyal ke Laddu is ready. Serve Immediately. 2) Eggless Chocolate Mousse:- Let’s celebrate this festival with this unique recipe. This eggless recipe is must try for everyone. Follow the simple recipe: In a pan add ¼ cup water and 3 tbsp granulated sugar, once the sugar is dissolved then pour it over 200 gms of chocolate (In large Bowl), then mix the batter till chocolate is melted properly and keep it aside. In another bowl, beat cream and 1 tsp instant coffee powder. Then add half of the cream into chocolate mixture and mix until it mixes properly then add the remaining half of the cream and repeat the process. Chill the mousse in a refrigerator and enjoy the cold mousse.


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