Macron, Macaron, Macaroon And Macaroni: Here’s How They Differ From Each Other

Let there be no more confusion between these four anymore

Priyanko Sarkar

With Emmanuel Macron winning the French Presidency in 2017, a genuine concern arose as how to spell his name and how do you differentiate it from those oh-so-difficult to resist desserts that France is known for. Here’s a ready reckoner to clear all the confusion between Macron, macaron, macaroon and well, macaroni.


Since we started with Emmanuel Macron, let’s discuss him first. Macron’s full name is Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron and he is the youngest President of France to assume office at the age of 39 years. A former investment banker, Macron doesn’t have much political experience but holds a degree in philosophy and his centrist policies mean that the world is saved from ‘Frexit’ that would’ve otherwise destabilised Europe and by extension, the world. Thankfully, French citizens averted the same result as Brexit and electing Trump by electing Macron.

How To Pronounce: maak-rau (the r must come from the base of your throat)

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Politics aside, there is still immense confusion over macarons and macaroons with most people equating both to mean the same thing. Here’s where macarons are different though. They are described in food bible Larousse Gastronomique to have been created by French monks in Cormery in 751 AD. It became popular in the 16th century when Catherine de Medici married Henry II in 1533 and brought fame to macarons in France and eventually the world.

Macarons are a French sandwich biscuit made from almond flour and egg whites meringues with different fillings to enhance its flavour. Some of the most famous flavours include mint, buttercream, caramel and coffee. Essentially, if you’ve had the sweet treats that resemble sweet biscuits joined with some delicious flavor, you’ve had a macaron. Just don’t call them macaroons while you savour them.

How To Pronouce: mah-cah-rohn

Here's the step-by-step recipe of how to make macaron at home.


We hate to break it to you but macaroons are nothing like macarons. A macaroon is actually a small cake made with egg white and coconut in its most traditional form. One can substitute coconut for chocolate and/or condensed milk too. They are slightly chewy instead of being crunchy like macarons. Macaroons are also deliciously simple to make compared to macarons that might require you to attend a baking course to get right.

How To Pronounce: mah-kaa-roon

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Perhaps the easiest to distinguish, macaroni is generally paired with cheese and makes a delicious dish. Macaroni is a variety of dry pasta that is cut into different shapes that is simply boiled and added with cheese and a few herbs to create one of the simplest Italian dishes. Interestingly, while macaroni is an Italian invention, it was made famous across the world by Americans who preferred ‘mac and cheese’ and made it a staple in Italian restaurants across the country.

How To Pronounce: mahk-a-rau-ni

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There you have it, the critical differences between Macron, macarons, macaroons and macaroni. Share this article to spread the knowledge amoungst your friends too. Allez-vous

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