LF's Guide to the Best Hot Chocolates in Mumbai

9 places that serve the most indulgent mugs of hot chocolate to beat your monsoon cravings.

Annabelle D’Costa

Tell us if you know of another cure to get past a hump day or a gloomy day than a satiating mug of hot chocolate. As comforting as that may sound, not all of us can whip up a delicious cup of hot chocolate at home. This gave us reason enough to set out on a quest to find the most delicious hot chocolate to devour in Mumbai. A cup of hot chocolate that is warm, creamy and has the right balance between cacao bitterness and sweetness.

Read on to find out if your favourite place for hot chocolate made it to our list!

Suzette Creperie and Café, Bandra, Powai and Nariman Point

There are cappuccino machine-made hot chocolates and then there is Suzette’s homely and rich hot chocolate. Dark and decadent, this cup of liquid chocolate is warm and comes with minimal milk, allowing you to taste the heavenly rich flavours of the chocolate. If you’re feeling a bit experimental, call for their foamy hot milk topped with Suzette Caramel.
Price: INR 240

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Grandmama’s Café, Multiple outlets

With four variations of the good ol’ hot chocolate, Grandmama's Café has to be a pit-stop when it comes to sampling Mumbai’s favourite hot chocolate. How we wished we could to try all their offerings – the OG dark Belgian variant, hazelnut, mint and white chocolate. But that would be an infinitesimal indulgence. Warning: This place has a total disregard for calories, so make sure you leave your ‘healthy eating plans’ outside the door!
Price: INR 190 - 240

Birdsong – The Organic Café, Bandra

Known for their use of organic ingredients, hot chocolate craving or not, this place is still a must-visit. What has us gushing over this Instagram-friendly café’s hot chocolate is the use of their special 90 per cent organic cocoa, an assurance that you are getting full value for the moolah you’re spending.
Price: INR 150

The Nutcracker, Fort and Bandra

A breakfast hotspot, The Nutcracker, is also known for serving some of the most sinful hot chocolates varieties. If you find yourself in a dilemma trying to choose between Belgian Hot Chocolate, After 9 (Mint Hot Chocolate) and Meltdown (Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate), be wise and order all three. Prepared using Callebaut chocolate, all three variants offer the perfect balance of creaminess and flavour, without being excessively sweet or heavy.
Price: Belgian Chocolate – INR 255; Meltdown – INR 275; After 9 – INR 275

Theobroma, across Mumbai

Theo jaake hot chocolate nahi piya to kya kiya? While a name synonymous with brownies and desserts, Theobroma’s hot chocolate is to die for. Comprising of homemade chocolate, their drink boasts 80 percent chocolate and only 20 percent milk. Thick, dark and strong, their cuppa is enough to lift you up on a gloomy day.
Price: INR 140

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Kala Ghoda Café, Fort

A complete detour from their healthy menu, the hot chocolate at Kala Ghoda Café is a guilty pleasure, but totally worth all the calories. Choose from their two portion sizes—260 ml and 30 ml—of fine Belgian dark chocolate to end your meal on a sweet note. 
Price: INR 175++ and INR 110++

La Folie Du Chocolate, Kala Ghoda

Their take on hot chocolate, Chocolate Chaud, also happens to be one of their signature drinks. It is addictive and we dare you not to visit again for the creamy and semi bitter hot cocoa that sports a rich flavour. Made with their original foundation of 70 percent dark Venezuelan single origin chocolate along with a dash of cinnamon, this beverage is not your average drink.
Price: INR 240++

Ellipsis Bakery, Worli

This place is almost a hidden gem, but totally worth all the effort. Made with cocoa powder and Callebaut’s dark chocolate, the decadent hot chocolate also comes with a marshmallow-topped variant. Highly recommended for those who like their hot chocolate on the sweeter side.
Price: INR 180

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Chocolateria San Churro, Andheri and Bandra 

Hot chocolate with churros is a match made in heaven! Their Hot Chocolate is a must try especially for those who love all things sweet. Thick, rich and insanely satisfying, this magical cup doubles up as a full-fledged meal -- an assurance that you're getting your money's worth. Choose from their Classic Spanish, Hot and Cold, Mint Magnifico, Avelana, Madrid Espresso Mocha and Azteca variations.
Price: INR 190-210

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