LF Exclusive: Three Unique Ways To Prepare Chicken Popcorn At Home

Crispy and juicy, the bite-sized chicken popcorn is a classic! Here are three homemade recipes

A gorgeous golden hue, crispy and juicy—popcorn chicken is a great appetiser for a party, and is also a hit snack item for your kids (age no bar). There’s no one way of making this sophisticated take on chicken nuggets. We dug up three easy recipes for you to try your hands on. So, the next time you’re watching a movie at home, snack on some mouth-watering popcorn chicken instead of your regular caramel or cheese popcorn. Psst… We won’t judge—or tell—if you pop a few of these moist, tender chicken bites in your mouth as you’re frying up the last few pieces.

The One with Breadcrumbs
In this recipe, the spice blend-marinated chicken is dunked in a cornflour and egg mixture and then rolled in a few breadcrumbs before they are fried in a skillet. Steaming hot, they are served alongside a mayonnaise and barbeque sauce for dipping. Honey, honey-mustard, sweet-and-sour or plain ketchup will get the job done too.


The One with Milk
Chef Pankaj Bhadouria’s take on this classic is dousing the chicken pieces in milk, egg-white and finally, flour. The pieces are quickly fried and served on a bed of lettuce leaves. You could garnish the popcorn chicken with some chilli flakes and a drizzle of mayonnaise-and-mustard sauce.



The One with Cornflakes
Here, Chef Rakhee Vaswani marinates chicken bites in a concoction of spices, flour, cornflower, sauces, eggs and buttermilk; then dredges them on a bed of crushed cornflakes before frying them in a skillet till they attain a rich, golden hue. To garnish, sprinkle some masalas (chaat masala, red chilli powder and garlic powder), and whip together a mayonnaise-ketchup-hot sauce, for dipping on the side.



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