LF Chefs Reveal Their Food Resolutions For 2017

My food resolution for 2017 is …

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Living Foodz has always been at the forefront of bringing you innovative cuisines and pathbreaking shows so it’s only natural that we’d amp up your food resolutions for 2017. Who better than some of our best chefs to inspire your own food resolution list? Here are five LF chefs and their food resolutions for this year.

Chef: Ranveer Brar
Food resolution: Eat my way through India’s North East

My food resolution is to eat through the entire North East of India. The Seven Sisters, as they are popularly known in that region, are teeming with culinary treasures that are not known to the world. I am on a quest to discover their indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients that are unique to this region. As a chef, I want to immerse myself in the food culture of each of these states and draw up a menu inspired by them.

Chef: Vicky Ratnani
Food resolution: To cook lean, light and local produce

The kitchen is my playground. It’s where I plan and execute all my cooking ideas. Over the years, I have tried my hand at a plethora of cooking styles and techniques, so next year will be no different. Every time I wear my chef’s hat, this is the mantra that will be on repeat - cook lean, light and local.

Chef: Rakhee Vaswani
Food resolution: Donate and make the best out of waste.

I am trying out different ways to make the best out of left-over food. I have been practicing this, but I wish to take it to a new horizon in the New Year. I conduct a lot of cooking workshops every day and there tends to be food waste some days when the desired number of students/participants don’t turn up. I am completely against wasting food so sometimes I pack it for my staff or try to experiment and make something new out of it. For example, in case there are extra cookies, I crumble them and use it as a base in desserts and everyone can enjoy a new version of cookies. I also plan to spread my knowledge by organising workshops.

Chef: Gautam Mehrishi
Food resolution: Set up a catering company and take it to the world

My food resolution is to set up a catering company that will scale globally in 2017. I’m working to create a different kind of catering company that will deliver dishes according to people’s mood. Think about a red line of food when you’re in a hot mood or a blue line of dishes when you’re having a regular day. We’ve created some sort of a base in Europe already and we will be ready for a full launch by September or October in the coming year.

Chef: Ajay Chopra
Food resolution: Lose weight personally and open restaurants professionally

My personal food resolution is to stop eating – period. The goal is to lose at least 30 kilos by the end of 2017. No, I’m not telling you how much I weigh currently! I have already consulted with a dietician and the plan is to go completely vegan and subsist on a raw diet of fruits and vegetables in the first month. I’ll be adding lean meats from the second month onwards and then see how it goes. On a professional level, I am looking forward to opening seven new restaurants across India. The plan is to open one restaurant each in Lucknow and Pune, two in Raipur and three in Mumbai with varied themes such as fine dining to gastro pubs. The first restaurant should open by the first week of February in Mumbai called 10, Downing Street and yes, it’s a British pub!

Chef: Pankaj Bhadouria
Food resolution: Following a healthy lifestyle

Chefs are surrounded with food, which makes it difficult to keep a control on what we eat. But in this New Year, I have decided to work on this. My food resolution is to get fit by maintaining healthy eating habits, without blowing up my bank balance.


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