Laddus: The Reason behind Sweetness around the World

Laddu is a traditional sweet. Most of our occasions are incomplete without Laddus. India consists of 28 states, and every state has a different style for preparing laddus.


Indian Marriages are compared with traditional Indian sweets. You may ask how? There is a great saying “Shaadi ka laddu jo khaye woh pachtaye, jo na khaye woh bhi pachtaye.” Every occasion or function starts with sweets like Laddus. Laddu will always stay as an important sweet for most of the auspicious occasions. Any occasion is incomplete without Laddu. It is such a sweet which is omnipresent. It is a traditional ball-shaped Indian sweet made with different ingredients in different cultures and regions. Different Types and Varieties Of Laddu - Besan Ke Laddu - Besan Ka Laddu is roasted besan and ghee mixed with sugar and cardamom and is shaped spherical. It is garnished with Almonds and Pistachios. This Besan Ke Laddu can be preserved for a longer time. Boondi Ke Laddu - Boondi Ke Laddu or Motichoor Ke Laddu is a very famous dish which is specially made during auspicious occasions like Diwali. The fillings contain saffron, cashews, and raisins. This sweet is relished by kids and adults too. Atta Laddu -

Atta Laddu is a simple recipe that is made using few ingredients. A sweet normally made among Indian families using wheat flour. Atta laddu is loaded with ghee and garnished with lots of nuts making it crunchy, nutritious and yummy. Til Laddu - 'Til Laddu ' which is preferably prepared at the time of festivals like Lohri, Makar Sankranti or Janmashtami. This sweet is made with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, and flavoured with saffron. Once you eat, you will crave for more. The Laddus are perfect warming snack during winters. Sonth Aur Methi Ke Laddu - Sonth Aur Methi Ke Laddu is a healthy snack choice, mainly for pregnant or lactating ladies and it also gives warmth to the body, hence can be consumed especially during winter. Murmura Laddu - Made with puffed rice and molten jaggery, the Laddus are crunchy and a combination of sweet and savoury. You can't stop yourself after having just one. Murmura Laddu is quite fulfilling and is one of the most loved treats ever. Nariyal Laddu - Coconut Laddu or Nariyal Laddu is the most popular Laddu that is enjoyed on various occasions. Be it any festival or pujas, nariyal or coconut Laddus are a must. They are relished by everyone. Shredded coconut is cooked with khoya and condensed milk, and then give them a shape of a round ball and garnished with almonds and cashews. Rava Laddu - Delicious Rava Laddu is made using dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, raisins, etc. and many other such crunchy ingredients. The main ingredient to make this Rava Laddu is Rava ( Semolina) and thus, it is easy to digest and is quite healthy as well. Try this nutritious and healthy Laddu as an alternative, in case you think other Laddus are fattening. Ragi Oats Laddu - Wholesome and healthy laddus are made with ragi flour, oats flour, honey, dates, and milk. Garnished with sesame seeds and coconut, these laddus will make you crazy after having one. Stuffed with the goodness of dates, Ragi laddus are best for a healthy lifestyle. Almond and Amaranth Laddu - There is no other Indian dessert more simple to make than an Almond Laddu. It is made using simply 3 substances and that too in less than half an hour. Yes! The badam and amaranth Laddu can be prepared with just 3 ingredients. These Laddus get prepared in no time and are a perfect dessert or sweet for any traditional occasion. It has a goodness of almond and amaranth. Good News - Even Diabetic patient can enjoy Sweets

Being a diabetic person doesn’t mean that you cannot have sweets all your life. A person with diabetes can satisfy his sweet tooth with fruits which have a sweet taste like apple, pomegranate or berries. Artificial sweeteners are also a good alternative, provided they should be taken in a moderate amount. Too many sweets are not good for anyone; diabetic or non-diabetic, hence it is always advised to avoid too much of sugar intake. People with diabetes can consume sweets but in small amounts and only occasionally. It is always better to burn those extra calories gained, either by exercise or walk. View below mentioned Sugar-Free Recipe and enjoy every moment without giving a second thought. More than buying sweets from the shop, I always prefer having homemade sweets made by mom. Boondi Laddus is my mom’s signature dish, and I love these laddus very much. When she prepares this sweet, her love is an important ingredient which makes her every dish more delicious; I would like to share my mom’s secret recipe of Sugar- free laddu with you all. Sugar-Free Laddus are healthy and nutritious. Primary and Secondary Ingredients are - Besan Gram Flour – 1 cup Raisins – few Sugar-Free Natura Baking soda – a pinch Cardamom powder – 1 tablespoon Yellow colour as per your wish Cloves – 3-4 bits Cashews - few pieces Method for preparing Sugar-Free Laddu - Once you have got all of the ingredients set up, the following step is to take a pan and add oil or ghee in little quantity for frying cashews and raisins. Keep two different vessels, one for keeping the batter and another vessel for straining the boondi. Now take some soda and besan. Add colour and water to it and make a paste out of it. Simultaneously heat the oil. Once the oil gets heated, place the batter on the boondi strainer. Then place it over the frying pan and let the boondis drop in hot oil. The boondis will drop in the oil as you hit the strainer (Chhanni) on the side of the pan. Use a tissue paper for preserving the Boondis and then, in the same way, finish with the remaining batter. Take another pan and add three tablespoons Sugar-free Natura or as per the sweetness required and add water to it. Now heat it till it boils. You have to stir the ingredients well, till the sugar-free syrup is ready. The last step is making Laddu. You have to add the fried cashews nut, cardamom powder and raisins to the fried boondi. Now take this fried boondi in a bowl and blend it with sugar-free syrup made from Sugar-Free Sweetener. Now shape them in the round and relish this dish with your family. Mothers are the Heart of every Family - Special tips for every Woman who is entering into the new phase of motherhood - Gondh ke Laddu is consumed by every Indian mother during her pregnancy. These laddus consist of warm efficacy which is not only essential for pregnant women but are useful for nursing mothers too. They are more famous in the northern part of India such as Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh etc. but are also made in other parts too. In Maharashtra, it is popular with the name of “Dinkache Laddu”. Dink in Marathi means “Gum”. Maharashtrian also add fenugreek seeds (Methi seeds) in these laddus. And, In Gujarat, they are popular as Gundar Laddu. As they are warm in property, you can enjoy them more in the winter season. Gondh ke Laddu - A recipe for nursing mothers Summary:- This recipe is a great combination of taste and nutrition. All the ingredients used to make this Gondh laddu are themselves healthy food options. After pregnancy, its required to eat foods which are healthier and provide energy to the mother. And these laddus is the traditional sweet which is being used by several generations. Ingredients Required to make Gondh Laddu:- Gond / Gum Laddu / Tragacanth Gum herb - 125 Gms Dry Dates (Chhuhaaraa) Powder - 500 Gms Grated Dry Coconut - 500 Gms Grated Jaggery (Gud) - 500 Gms Ghee / Butter - 500 Gms Almonds (Badam) - 125 Gms Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus) - 50 Gms Garden Cress Seeds (Halim) - 50 Gms Fennel Seeds (Sauf) - 50 Gms Cardamom (Elaichi) - 50 Gms Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Dana) - 30 Gms Roughly Crushed Nutmeg (Jaifal) - 1 The Process to make:- Take a kadhai or pan and add grated coconut, saute until it turns a little brown in colour. Then add roughly crushed jaifal, sauf, methi dana, aliv seeds, badam, khus khus, kharek, and elaichi and continue sauteing. Now, to blend, add all the above-roasted ingredients into a blender and make a fine powder. Now add 1 tbsp of ghee in a kadhai and heat the ghee. Then add 1 tsp of Gondh and saute for few seconds until Gondh fluffs up. Once done then remove into a big bowl. Repeat the same process with remaining gondh. Just take care that you don’t add the entire gondh at the same time. Common Mistakes one should avoid while preparing the Laddu - We should not fry besan on high flame; it needs to be fried on a low flame. Besan can burn on high flame. Keep stirring on a flame until it changes its colour to golden brown. Add sugar to the besan when it has cooled down. If laddus are not getting bind properly, then just add lukewarm milk spoon by spoon. Don't add much; else it will form a paste. So, make sure you add by checking the consistency and then bind the laddus. If laddus are tasting bitter, it means you have burnt the besan flour. So always cook it on a low flame. If the mixture is too thin, you have obviously added too much ghee. The same thing with too much sweet, you have added too much sugar and too little besan. Next time, measure everything. In this situation, we can roast some more besan without ghee and add it to the mix, also add extra sugar accordingly. Great News - You Become An Entrepreneur - Business ideas for Selling Laddus - So if you are excellent at making laddus, and planning to leverage technology to churn out a profit? Great, and if you ask me if that is possible then, I would say absolutely yes. There is no way that you cannot run a successful online laddu business. Go ahead, create a delicious website, employ a techie if you need, partner with a logistics company, and start selling. I would now explain the rationale behind my strong optimism for why your business has the potential to become a success. You have negligible competition in the online space. There are not many websites selling sweets online and out of the ones which are already there many are a just online extension of already established names such as Haldiram, Bikaner, etc. With the advent of several e-commerce platform providers you don’t need to worry about developing a website from scratch, and you shouldn’t even think about it, trust me. People want laddus instantly. This is one major deterrent why eatables don’t get to go online. You might as well want to contemplate why Dominos, McDonald's, etc. and have a specific period by which they deliver the pizza at your doorstep. It is because if people want to eat something, they want it right on the table. Logistics challenge: Considering the nature of your product, delivering it after the stipulated period may lead to its gradual decay or substantial diminution in its quality. You need faster delivery: Now, suppose you plan to sell your laddus within the city, where you are based, yet there would be no logistics company who can put on paper that they can deliver within 5 days regardless of their verbal assurance. Of course, I am not questioning the efficiency of logistics firms, and you will have 90% of orders delivered on time, but with the unsuccessful 10% (which can be more), you also suffer the risk of losing your product and customer. COD (Cash On Delivery) As per the survey by Ernst and Young, 50-80% of online transactions in India are COD based. COD is one of the biggest driving factors of e-commerce in India. So, I am assuming that you will have this facility too. Now, another survey states that nearly 2 out of 10 COD orders in India are not received i.e. they are returned back.


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