Kobe Isn’t Just The Internet’s New Fave Chef. He is Ours Too

This one-year-old is winning hearts across the world with the cutest cooking tutorials.

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The lockdown has helped many of us emerge as chefs, cooking at least the basics, if not trying our hands at the viral and Insta-worthy Dalgona coffee or celebrity-favourite banana bread. And while most of us are ambling around the kitchen trying our best to ward of disasters (anyone else leave the gas on for hours after pouring your cup of chai?), a one-year old is cooking up a storm with his instructional videos on social media.

US-based Kobe Wian aka chef Kobe is the star behind viral Instagram and TikTok accounts, Kobe Eats, where his parents Ashley and Kyle post videos of him giving step-by-step cooking lessons, featuring mouthwatering dishes such as, mac and cheese, spaghetti, steak, butter chicken and Turkish menemen. With his messy-but-adorable kitchen skills, an infectious smile and a unique commentary, chef Kobe has earned over 1.8 million followers on Instagram. His fans include Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray, Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Aniston. 

Launched by chef Kobe’s mother – who helps with the prep and shooting – in February 2020, the videos are entertaining and knowledgeable in equal measure. Stationed behind the counter, donning a red chef’s hat and an apron, Kobe looks ridiculously cute, whether he’s helping mix the cookie dough or seasoning a chicken curry. This toddler’s appetite for food has left us all hungry for more. Here are our three top picks from Kobe’s tutorials:

1. You knead this pizza!

One of the cutest videos on Kobe’s page, here the chubby little chef is seen deriving unparalleled joy from kneading the pizza dough and sneaking in bites of cheese and a taste of the sauce as he goes. One of our favourites, without a doubt. 


Who loves cheese?

Watch lil Kobe whip up some spaghetti along with portobello mushrooms and other veggies and by that we mean, whatever is left to cook after he inhales some of it. 


Pasta salad anyone?

While the world can’t stop watching these baby-faced tutorials on repeat, Indians are in for some extra treat. Celebrity chef Kelvin Cheung recently started an Instagram account for his 22-month-old Bodhi Rye Cheung titled Bodhi Bites. Watch Cheung junior roll out dough, mix pancake batter and whip up a breakfast omelet wearing his trademark headband and a mischievous smile. 

Currently, the bio says that the page is closed, but you can follow #BodhiBites on Chef Cheung’s Instagram for more videos. 

Banner image: KobeEats.com


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