Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

This is beyond bean there, done that!

Shraddha Varma

Rajma or  kidney beans may not enthuse you, but with a little imagination and tweaks, it has the potential to be the star at any dinner table. Rajma is not just affordable and easy to store, when it comes to nutritional value, rajma is a rich source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals such as iron, manganese, potassium, and more. What’s more, rajma beans also reduce sugar levels in the body and lower the risk of heart attack. 

With such incredible benefits, how can you not give rajma a chance? Scroll through our list of exciting rajma recipes to get you in the groove. 

Rajma Cutlet Sandwiches 

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

How about turning the rajma into a sandwich filling? This rajma recipe is made by combining boiled kidney beans with basic Indian spices, garam masala, ginger, and onion. Serve the nutritious sandwich  with a raita-style mixture of chopped cucumber and yogurt on the side.  

Rajma Sandwich 

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

Another sandwich recipe, this rajma recipe makes for a wholesome, protein-rich snack for everyone – from kids to adults. 

Rajma Salad

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

Bored of plain old rajma chawal (however impossible that might be)? Give rajma an international and healthy twist by making this Mexican kidney beans salad recipe. All you need is a cup of boiled rajma, bell peppers, spring onions, black pepper, salt, and sugar. Mix all these in a bowl and add a dressing of tomatoes, garlic, red chilli flakes, lemon juice, and a drizzle of olive oil. 

Rajma Kibbeh 

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

A Middle-eastern dish, kibbeh is usually made with bulgar wheat (cracked wheat), minced onions, spices, and stuffed with meat. But Chef Ranveer Brar  gives it a unique twist by preparing it with boiled rajma, almond powder, and sumac. He replaced the meat filling with chopped spring onions. 

Rajma Hummus 

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

The classic hummus, today, has so many iterations such as this one by Chef Vicky Ratnani.  Made using rajma and chickpeas. There is a reason it is one of our favourites! We always polish off a single batch in one go, so making a double batch is a good idea!

Rajma Masala Tortillas 

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

Now here’s a rajma recipe that promises an explosion of flavours on your palate. All you need to do is make patties of the well-spiced kidney beans and place them in tortillas. It is garnished with chopped jalapenos and red chilli sauce – spicy much? 

Rajma Kheema 

Kidney Beans Beyond The Classic Rajma Chawal

Chef Ripudaman Handa  offers a twist to the chicken kheema by adding some boiled rajma, chopped tomatoes, and tomato sauce. This is perfect for days when you have to spruce up your kheema for lunch/dinner but are bored of the usual recipe. Serve this non-veg recipe with some butter pav on the side. 

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