Channel the Bawa in you and ace these delightful Parsi recipes

Often termed as a non-vegetarian's delight, Parsi food is one of the oldest and widely recognised cuisine in the world. Think Parsi recipe and you know you are in for a combination of Iranian, Gujarati and British, with subtle Portuguese and Goan influences. The gentle and enterprising Parsis have gathered and adopted influences from recipes belonging to various cultures, lending their own touch to create a unique Parsi recipe. Parsi food is, therefore, a beautiful amalgamation, a celebration and, fittingly, decadent. In any Parsi recipe, you will find the generous use of fried potato sticks (salli), eggs (edu), Machchi, Boti (meat) cooked with lentils and veggies. Parsi food continues to fascinate foodies. If you’re a late entrant to Parsi food, you might detect a hint of sweetness, then tanginess, before the full spectrum of flavours meets the palate in your favourite Parsi dishes. Khaatu, meethu and teekho—the delicate balance of sour, sweet and spice is the hallmark of any Parsi recipe. If you’ve already been charmed by Parsi food, it’s time to try a Parsi recipe in your own kitchen. We got you a list of easy Parsi recipe to try, straight from the experts.

Parsi Pora
This Parsi recipe is a perfect breakfast dish to kick-start your lazy mornings.

Sali Par Edu
This much-loved traditional Parsi recipe, Sali Par Edu is delicious. In fact, what isn’t when it’s lying on a bed of fried potatoes? Give this a go, it’s easy-peasy.


Tanaaz's Fried Chicken
Our own Bawa celeb chef, Tanaz shares her yummy, crispy, fried chicken recipe that has a distinct Parsi touch. In this Parsi recipe, we love the spicy garlic dip, and you will too!

Aleti Paleti
Parsi food is about eating right and eating good. The Parsi recipe Aleti Paleti is as much fun as it sounds. (Why, this sounds curiously close to Ulta-Pulta) 

Amongst all Parsi food, Akoori has the kind of cult status the Avengers are trying to achieve. When it comes to this Parsi recipe, we are not kidding. 


Kolmi Papeto Tetralo
Parsis love their prawns, and they like to cook it in tangy flavours. We love this Parsi recipe! 



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