Kachoris – Most Pleasant and Delightful Street Food

This blog will tell you all about Kachoris that is one of the famous Indian street food and is loved by every Indian, read and know different types kachoris that one food lover must have


Kachori is totally sensational and loved by every Indian. This is one of the most popular snacks mostly served during tea time. Kachoris are the deep fried stuffed bread prepared with dal sauteed with some spices and covered in maida. It is one highly popular street snack that you will find across India, especially in different areas of Rajasthan. There are many varieties of Kachoris available, the most popular ones are Dal kachori and Khasta kachori. Kachoris are super crispy, and utterly delicious snack that you just cannot resist! Here given are 5 different kinds of Kachoris that are very unique and should be savoured once by Kachori fans.

1.Khasta Kachori Khasta Kachori provides the right crunch the moment you take a bite of this Kachori shell. This Kachori generally has the lentil stuffing, commonly of moong dal. But, can also be made with Green Peas. 2.Raj Kachori This delicious Kachori gets stuffed after it is fried. Everything from green chilli paste to pomegranate seeds is the part of its stuffing. It is flavoured with chutney and curd to make a perfect snack that you can wish for. There is no wonder why it is called a king of Kachoris –there is an explosion of different flavours in each bite! 3.Masala Kachori It is a classic type of Kachori found all over India. Like the name says, if you want to bite in the spicy and savoury delight, just indulge in these delightful Kachoris. 4.Mawa Kachori Do you think kachoris are always the savoury delight? This Kachori will give you a sweet surprise. Having mawa and dry fruits give you a good twist on your spicy snack time. 5.Kanda Kachori Pyaaz Kachori or Kanda Kachori is highly loved in Rajasthan. The main reason why it is so popular is that it isn’t spicy that is one necessity because of Rajasthani heat and doesn’t spoil quickly due to its kanda/onion stuffing.


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