Juhi Chawla’s Top Tips for a Healthy Life

Green is the new black for this celebrity.

Annabelle D’Costa

People often view celebrity diets and lifestyles as restrictive and extreme for anyone in the real world to emulate. But this is not in the case of Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla, who ever since winning the Miss India crown three decades ago, is making a splash in the health and wellness space. At 51, Chawla is still a stunner and rightfully hailed for her amazing looks.

What’s her secret? A lifestyle that’s surprisingly accessible and involves the kind of habits that anyone could adopt. Chawla  is fueling a wellness revolution one Instagram post at a time. The Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga actor has gone organic and embraced a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. As an avid promoter of healthy living she is helping shift attitude towards self-care and healthy living.

We traced her wellness journey on Instagram and brought to you some tips that Chawla solemnly swears by. Scroll down to get all the dope!

Chawla swears by hydration and has cut out processed food from her life. We all know that water is the liquid of life but yet at times simply forget to drink enough of it. While our bodies can go without food for three weeks, research suggests it can’t go more than three to four days without water. Come on people, drink up!

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Stressing on the importance of turning to all things natural and organic, carbonated or sweetened drinks are a big no-no for the evergreen beauty. Opt for fresh homemade coolers, Chawla has shared her own recipe to help you get started.

Now that Chawla has you covered with the basics, here are a few more flavoured water recipes to keep you going.

Further to her superfood endeavours, Chawla switched to organic living years back. An advocate for organic nutrition and as someone who’s tried and tested its benefits, she vouches for it. Besides, the fact that your food will be chemical-free, grown and nurtured without pesticides and fertilisers, and additional preservatives should be reason enough for you to make the switch too.

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A natural (read cheap) way to enhance the quality of air and to keep our homes cool in summers is to opt for plant air conditioning. At least that’s what Chawla thinks. House plants act as natural coolants by absorbing heat thereby drop the temperature. Apart from improving air quality and helping you beat the heat, plants such as aloe vera, snake plant and golden pothos add to your home aesthetics by lending a tropical vibe.

Encouraging people to go #BackToTheRoots by growing the revered tulsi or holy basil, Chawla shows us how one can avail of its advantages.

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Juhi Chawla’s Instagram posts are proof that the actor is passionate about leading a happy and healthy lifestyle by natural means. Who would’ve guessed that the curry leaves were the secret to her fab body. From helping your skin look younger to helping you stay in the pink of health, there’s almost nothing that these leaves can’t handle.

Well, Chawla also lets us on the secret to her luscious locks -- curry leaves. Be it slowing down greying or simply getting rid of dandruff, these leaves can lend their goodness to just about anything in addition to food.  

That’s not all, Chawla is also a long-term yoga devotee who claims yoga is the reason for her healthy mind, body and soul. Practising mind-body wellness is essential to a healthy life, and she chooses yoga to channel her happiness from the inside out.

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