Jim Delligatti, The Man Who Created The Big Mac, Has Passed Away

McDonald's rejected his invention before going on to sell over billion pieces of the Big Mac sandwich.

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It’s not a stretch to call McDonald’s Big Mac as one of the most popular fast foods in the world today. The creator of this iconic dish Jim Delligatti has passed away at the age of 98. His life story and his association with McDonald’s bears mentioning.

Jim Delligatti came up with the idea for the Big Mac while working at a McDonald franchisee he was running in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After seeing that demand for its signature sandwich was always high he came up with the Big Mac as we know it today in 1967. Curiously, McDonald’s first rejected the Big Mac before going on to sell billions of sandwiches under the label.

Delligatti told a news agency in 2006 that his idea almost never got off the ground. “[McDonald’s] figured, why go to something else if [the original menu] was working so well?”

Delligatti himself was known to chow down a Big Mac once a week for decades. However, he never received any royalties from McDonald’s for his invention, something that seemingly didn’t seem to bother Delligatti. And when he was asked during an interview why he called the sandwich Big Mac he said that “Big MC sounded too funny”.

The company has called Delliganti a “legendary franchisee” who made a “lasting impression” in a tribute. He is survived by his wife, two sons five grand-children and eight great grand-children.


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