Jalebi Actress Digangana Suryavanshi Has a Weakness for Indian Sweets

All food talk with the vegetarian actress revolves around Indian sweets

Post Bigg Boss 9, actress Digangana Suryavanshi may have disappeared from the small screen, but she’s ready to make a comeback and how! Not on TV, but the Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera actress is all set to debut on the silver screen with not one but two commercial films – Jalebi, a story of romance, and FryDay, a comedy – releasing on October 12, 2018. As the 20-year-old actress awaits the release of her debut movies, Living Foodz got in touch with the actress for a quick chat on her favourite foods, guilty pleasures and more. Read on to discover Suryavanshi's foodie secrets that she never told you about. For starters, she is a vegetarian!

All-day Menu
Breakfast: I begin my day with a glass of milk, a simple peanut butter sandwich and a bowl of fresh fruits. That is what the first meal of my day looks like. Nutritionists say these are the foods you should avoid for breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner:
After a wholesome breakfast, for lunch, I prefer a proper vegetarian Indian meal. It consists of roti, rice, dal, sabzi and some salad. As far as my dinner is concerned, I go for a light and simple one. Probably, a soup or salad is what I go for.  I’m not following a certain diet, however, I prefer breaking down my meals in small portions. So even my breakfast is broken down into two parts. I take an hour’s break between both the parts.

Between Meals:
Makhana is my go-to snack option if I feel hungry between meals during the day. Read about the health benefits of makhana. Apart from that, sometimes I also eat a not-so-generous portion of some non-oily farsan (Indian snacks). Check out this list if you’re looking for healthy snack options.

Favourite Foods
Sweet Dish: I love bari. It is a sweet steamed pudding made using milk. What I find the most interesting about this dessert is its spongy texture.

Ghar Ka Khaana:
I love baingan ka bharta and bhindi ki sabzi. Oh, and not to forget, an array of homemade sweets such as halwa and gulab jamun.

Childhood Memories of Food:
Ghar ka khaana, without a doubt! Growing up, I was fond of all types of parathas and rotis with lots of curd. Unlike many children, I actually liked milk. Oh, and butter! Butter was a must in our house. Check out these other foodies talk about the meals that take them down memory lane.

My Weakness:
I am a fan of all Indian sweets but I have a special corner in my heart for milk cakes. I also enjoy dark chocolate – something my fridge always has. Check out chef Ranveer Brar’s rich and creamy milk cake recipe.

Cheat Meal: I know it’s repetitive but Indian sweets again!

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Street Food:
Of all the street food that is available in Mumbai, vada pav, samosa, pani puri and dabeli are my favourites.

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Favourite Restaurant: It has to be Sea Lounge at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. I just love that place for its overall vibe. There's something about sipping their flavourful cup of chai with the live piano performance playing in the background during the evenings and the uninterrupted view of the Gateway of India and the sea for company. They even have amazing samosa chaat and chilli cheese toast on their menu. Besides the 5-star property, I also enjoy eating out at dhabas. We often visit this one Kathiyawadi dhaba which is located on the Mumbai to Surat route.

Last Meal:
Honestly, I don’t want to think of that day. But, if at all I had to pick my last meal, I would like to gorge on some Indian sweets. Yes, I have a serious sweet tooth for Indian sweets.

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