It’s Challenging To Eat And Live Healthy Today: Mickey Mehta

The health guru says we should ditch outside food for good


Today’s generation has it bad. There’s no easy way to put this. It’s a major challenge to eat healthy food and stay in shape today. The culprit is something we take for granted and it has ruined us all. It’s called food flavouring and it affects 90 per cent of the food we eat today.

Food flavouring is done to enhance our taste buds and hook us to outside food. It is the biggest worldwide. Nine out of ten items are taken off the shelves today because people do not have the time and energy to invest in healthy food and eat at the right time. There is too much pressure in our lives to dedicate our lives to healthy food. This has made us stop eating healthy.

Now, we are all loyalists to the fast-food generation and it is killing us – even if we don’t realise it’s happening. Make no mistake though, it is a silent addiction that is killing mankind.

I have seen that people in the North and South of India still try to follow good practices with healthy food but Western India is the worst. Our food habits have corrupted in Western India while people in other places are trying to hold on to their regional habits and stick to healthy food. We need to realise just how bad eating out really is.

Thankfully though, change is coming, slowly but surely. There is an awakening among people now to bad food trends and an interest in healthy food. I am happy to see the growing trend of veganism and vegetarianism too. I have seen first-hand how people are giving up sodas and colas and trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle by including healthy food in their diet. It is difficult for sure but the benefits of healthy food outweigh the inconveniences by miles.

In the end, I also believe that eating healthy food will encourage farming trends in our country. As a country, we need more farmers than warriors simply because we have over a billion mouths to feed. We need to encourage farming and think about long-term peace and stability in our country. One way of doing that is to begin eating right. Once we begin to eat right, we’ll be able to think right too.
Mickey Mehta is a leading holistic health guru from Mumbai.

(As told to Priyanko Sarkar)


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