It’s Time For Brands To Stop Relying On Celebs: Rahul DaCunha

The man behind the Amul campaign talks about food advertising and more in this exclusive chat.

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This is Amul’s 50th year in advertising. We’ve been doing our ad campaigns for five decades and have history on our side. Almost 10,000 topics later, we have only increased our output simply because our food brand is one of the most recognised in India. We are now associated with events. Anytime any significant event occurs, people are almost always asking, “What’s Amul take on this?”

I am proud of our achievements and I also think that our campaign has lasted for such a long time because food is an integral part of India. It allows us to comment on what’s happening in the country and the world. In this, we are also grateful to Amul for their continued support because the agency and the brand need to be aligned together. It’s great that we have the freedom to create what we feel is relevant. Thank god we still have freedom of expression in our country.

Social media is one of the biggest things that has happened to the Amul brand. Today’s generation has attention deficiency syndrome so it’s great that we can reach them through their handsets. It’s also a good way to get into their minds by cashing in on today’s news. Social media is fabulous that way because it’s a great barometer for how our campaign is doing.

Sometimes I wonder why brands don’t strive for big term ideas like we did with Amul. I don’t know what value they see in getting celebrities to endorse their brands. Just yesterday I saw six billboards that has Shah Rukh Khan endorsing six different products. I didn’t even look at the brands so what’s the use? The marketing company is paying crores of rupees to him without the product even registering in my mind.

We have become obsessed with Bollywood and cricket. Clients feel it’s easier to grab eyeballs through celebs but I personally feel it undermines the whole idea of advertising.

At least with Amul, we know things are going to remain much the same way in the near future at least. We are coming out with a special book to celebrate 50 years in the industry through a book called India 3.0 that will release soon. It’s not a coffee table book per se but a pocket-friendly normal sized book about Amul.

Lastly, I also want to talk about our Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul Girl who has gone from being just a static character to a 3D personality with a sense of utopia in the modern world. We have made her more relevant in keeping with today’s social media audience. After all, that’s the motto of the ad world – always keep up with the times.

(As told to Priyanko Sarkar)


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