It's Mickey's 90th Birthday! Here's How you Can Celebrate too!

Bring home the magic of Disney with a sweet Mickey Mouse inspired shindig

Annabelle D’Costa

It's Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday today! The big-eared mouse made his debut in 1928 in the animated film, Steamboat Willie,directed Walt Disney. We can't think of a better way to celebrate timeless character than a themed party! From decorations and activities to treats, here are some great ideas to help you get started.


The first step to throwing a party is letting everyone know that there’s one. Mickey’s ears and his red shorts with yellow buttons, make for the perfect starting point for your invitation. You could also go old school and lean on the classic black and white when preparing invites for the party. Get out your card papers, scissors and glue to make some super-cute invitations! As soon as your party invitations are sent, you can start thinking about the rest of the celebration!

But First, Food 

Curate a colourful menu with make-ahead recipes. Make sure that your spread’s inclusive for all kids, especially food allergies. Label your snacks and dishes with some clever Mickey inspired names to add an element of fun to. 
Don’t forget the Hot-Diggity Dog bar! You could even play the ‘Hot Dog Dance’ song to set the mood right. 
Use Mickey Mouse cookie cutters and moulds for canapés, sandwiches and cookies. Set-up a make-your-own-nachos bar with Mickey Mouse shaped tortilla chips, veggies and cheese slices. Click here for some interesting dip ideas. 
For desserts, use your Mickey Mouse moulds to bake your cupcakes. Enough of chocolate said no kid ever – Give this chocolate and peanut butter cupcake recipe a try. For a healthier treat, you could instead try whipping up these date cupcakes instead. You could also make Oreo pops that look like Mickey by turning to the likes of regular size and mini Oreos. A self-serve drink station is an easy way for kids to fill up. Serve up some citrus-flavoured punch and call it Pluto’s Punch. 

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A birthday party is incomplete without a birthday cake:

Décor Up

Think red, white, yellow and black when putting together a Mickey Mouse party, and you can use these colours as the basis for all your decorations. You could stock up on cutouts of Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Donald Dunk from a store or simply put your DIY skills to test by crafting simple, affordable items to suit the theme. For an even bright and colourful party, you could simply turn yourtablecloths and cloth napkins into artworks by cut two large circles out of white paper and taping them to the end of the tablecloth and napkins to look like Mickey’s buttons. If Mickey Mouse party hats are not easy to find, you could make them yourself by gluing construction paper ears slightly lower than the bottom of the hat. Ditch plastic and paper cutlery and instead rent or borrow coloured plates and cups. You could do yourself one even better by writing each child’s name on their set of cutleries to avoid mix-ups— this will also help cut back on the number of half-empty cups or half abandoned plates by the end of the party. 

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Let the Games Begin

You’ve got to have games and activities! If you are looking for a fun activity to introduce guests to Mickey Mouse and his adventures, or for a quieter closing activity to help kids wind down, reading aloud makes for an ideal activity — and always a hit with children. You can put together a craft table for older kids and tweak some traditional games for younger ones. Mickey Mouse ears look super cute and make both interesting costumes and take-aways. A fun spin on the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ – Kids could instead pin the bow on Minnie Mouse or ears on Mickey. If you really want to go all out, you could simply set up a Mickey Mouse Fun Booth by hanging a festive tablecloth to serve as a backdrop. Add a Mickey Mouse paper banner cut from computer printouts to make your party come alive. You could then snap digital photos of the young ones posing with a red nose or Mickey Mouse ears. Print the images for kids to take home. 

Take Home Treats

Whether or not you like them, party favours still rule kid’s celebrations. Books make for great keepsakes, and the best way to play along your party theme. Give out copies of Mickey Mouse story books or colouring books. Edible treats make for the best take-away presents. Stuff take-home goody bags with trinkets and sweets. Doughnuts and Mickey Mouse shaped sugar cookies or gourmetpopcorn dusted with colourful and flavourful toppings could all make a great hit. Coloured gems or candies in re-cycled plastic bottles also make for a yummy favour. 

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