It’s Always Party Time At Mumbai’s London Taxi

It’d be easy to mistake London Taxi for just a restaurant. But don’t you think it’s a bar either. It’s so much more.

Annabelle D’Costa

You could be forgiven for missing London Taxi among the many other restaurants on the block.  Inspired by the streets of London, this gastro pub breathes different corners of modern day London. From its public transport, iconic attractions to a bar inspired from the famous Austin grill and not forgetting the but-so-obvious Sherlock wall, there’s a little bit of London almost everywhere. It’d be easy to mistake London Taxi for just a restaurant. But don’t you think it’s a bar, either. It’s so much more.

The contemporary décor may look all sleek and handsome, but trust us, this is what makes it the best place to come along with friends or family for a downtown happy hour, minus the hangover. Oh yes, you read that right.

Thanks to the creative genius of Ami Shroff, India’s first female bartender, you can now sip your weekend away without any guilt. While at London Taxi, treat yourself to some of their flavourful offerings highlighting the interplay of booze and other fresh and seasonal ingredients (fruits and veggies) for a drinking experience that’s just as adventurous as their names. Spirits infused with natural ingredients and in-house made shrubs, tonic water with no artificial flavouring or added sugar, their specially curated drinks are sure to give you a happy high. Choose from the likes of 35 various cocktails, which are sure not to leave you disappointed. The other cocktails that we tried were definitely refreshing and unique to our taste buds, the English Breakfast, a cocktail served with a sunny side up in a teapot was a clear winner. Gin lovers, this is a must try. We’ll leave you to find out for yourselves what the hype about this drink is all about.

The English Breakfast 

Coming to food, if you’re thinking it’s going to be a typical British affair, then you’d be surprised to find that London Taxi offers a beyond-the-ordinary gastronomical experience with a menu that’s inspired from across the globe and not London alone.

The selling point of this place is its authentic approach to infusing traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Take for instance the Moroccan Fish Tikka, a dish bursting with spicy Moroccan flavours with Indian roots. The fish was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside – every bite into it gave us the most satisfying feeling ever.

Moroccan Fish Tikka 

If it was only one dish that you’d want to try at London Taxi, it should definitely be the Martaban Gosht Malabari Taco. Lamb pickled in Hyderabadi spices and veggies, served alongside beetroot pickled cucumber pachadi is all you need to instantly brighten your mood. Crispy and spicy enough to leave you craving for more, these tacos aren’t like any other ordinary tacos you’ve eaten before.

Martaban Gosht Malabari Taco

Though we weren’t expecting much from the Ramen Chicken, it actually is a serious must-eat bowl for all ramen lovers. The one pot dish comes with some soupy noodles bathing in a flavourful broth, a boiled egg and some oriental veggies, giving you the best of both worlds – veg and non-veg. Don’t miss the customisable option where you get to pick your choice of noodles.

Ramen Chicken 

We tried the Garlic Butter Prawns too, however, they didn’t impress us much. The sour cream and peri peri lemongrass sauce that came alongside the juicy prawns however do deserve a mention, as it was really yum. No, like really, really yum. The Tangy Mushroom Gougers - mushrooms with jalapenos stuffed in soft cheese buns alongside some apple-mint and yoghurt emulsion – tasted as good as they looked.

Tangy Mushroom Gougers

Though we’d prefer non-vegetarian over vegetarian on any fine day, on our next visit to the London Taxi, the Spinach Cannelloni is what we’ll surely be calling for. Vegetarians, this is that one dish you don’t leave without tasting. Spinach and cottage cheese stuffed cannelloni on a bed of spiced tomato fondue and cheese sauce with fresh green salad and a warm and crispy garlic bread. Cheesy and creamy, this dish will awaken the child in you and for those few minutes you’d forget about all the calories that you’re actually consuming. But, hey there’s also spinach. And spinach is healthy. 

Spinach Cannelloni

The Watermelon, Olive Three Ways and Feta Mousse Salad was the dish that won all our hearts. Watermelon chunks, olive powder, olive puree and olive tuile balsamic dressing unite together to offer one of the most unexpectedly wonderful gastronomical experience. Though it looked simple, the salad was not only cool and refreshing but one of the best salads we ever had. Who thought healthy could be that tasty?

Watermelon, Olive Three Ways and Feta Mousse Salad

While the Cajun Spiced Prawn and Kale Chips Salad got us all excited (seafood lovers that we all were), it didn’t leave much of an impression on either of us.

Cajun Spiced Prawn and Kale Chips Salad 

You'd think you'd grow tired of anything (even the rave-worthy tacos) after a fifth or sixth plateful (yes, we lost track of the number of dishes). But then came the too-pretty-to-eat dessert. And as if on cue, our tummies suddenly found enough room for the Elderflower Pannacotta. Don’t be fooled by the size, as this dessert is extremely rich and the perfectionist in you wouldn’t want to eat it. The melt-in-your-mouth pannacotta goes perfectly well with the lemon curd, cut fruits and the edible flowers.

Elderflower Pannacotta

And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy our sweet-tooth cravings, the Banana Rum and Toffee Parfait, was all that was needed. Banana toffee parfait, dark chocolate and peanut butter ganache, truffle scented dark chocolate salted fox nuts, strawberry and balsamic gel, chocolate branches, chocolate shard and chocolate soil all come together to give you a foodgasm.

Banana Rum and Toffee Parfait

Every bite was an explosion of flavours into our mouths, making us want to lick clean the plate, but then we realized oh table manners. What better way to wrap up a dull day than with some dessert that’ll hit you at just the right spots. 


Where: A Wing, Ground Floor,Trade Centre, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai

When: Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 1am

Wallet Alert: INR 2, 500 for two (with alcohol)


Photographs: Sohail Joshi  


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