Indulge the Shopaholic in You on Amazon Prime Day 2019

On the super sale, check out these amazing deals for your home and kitchen

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It's Prime Day! Amazon is all set for its third edition of Prime Day on July 15-16, 2019—for 48 hours you will have over 1,000 new product launches at the lowest prices ever. Some of the deals are so outrageous that it’s foolish to let them go!

The only caveat is that you need to have a Prime membership.

It all started in 2015, when Amazon turned 20 and Prime Day was initiated as a way of celebration. The success of the first edition has led to Prime Day being celebrated across 18 countries.

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The response to Prime Day has been more than overflowing shopping carts. Champions of sustainable shopping have called it a day that promotes an extreme form of consumerist culture prompting us to buy things we don't need. Last year workers in some European countries went on a strike on Prime Day citing extreme working conditions. That's food for thought, no doubt. We suggest you strike a balance, buy responsibly. And here's our list to help you do just that. We scoured through wish lists and came up with this list to get you started. So gear up! Amazon Prime Day 2019 starts at 12:00 midnight on Monday, July 15 and ends on Tuesday, July 16 at 11:59 pm. 

Here is a wish list from the savvy foodies at LF:

InstaCuppa French Press

If you don’t appreciate a good cup of single origin coffee, do you even qualify as a hipster? The trouble is brewing a perfect cuppa joe can end being an ordeal with the type of grind, style, etc. Enter a French Press! Not only is it one of the simplest way of making quality coffee but it also gives you a coffee decoction, which is as per your liking.

This InstaCuppa French Press can make half a litre of coffee in one go. The markings on the carafe allow you to customise the portion. The plunger of the French Press is equipped a with four-part filtration system that helps make sure that you get clear coffee with no cloudiness.

Lucaris Desire Universal Wine Glasses

You don’t have to be a wine snob to understand the versatility of a good quality wine glass. Forget wines, these bulbous stemmed glass come in handy when you’re experimenting with cocktails or just a simple Gin and Tonic.

These crystal wine glasses by Lucaris ensure that the bouquet and palate of the wines are best expressed. The curl lines at the base of the glass aerate the wine as you swirl. What is even better is that the glass is designed in such a way that both red and white wine can be tasted optimally.

Dyson Pure Cool

To say pollution is a bane of our urban lives is an understatement. Dust, pollution and poor air quality is responsible for an increase in respiratory disorders across the world. To remedy the situation, air purifiers have become an easy solution. 

The most coveted brand of all air purifiers out there has to be Dyson. With a very extraterrestrial design, this air purifier senses pollutants and gases in real time, and projects 360 litres of air per second as part of its Air Multiplier technology. Dyson’s mobile app allows you to monitor the air quality; you can also schedule, remote control and personalise your machine. We want! 

Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat

The eponymous four-episode Netflix series had us spellbound. Is it a surprise that we want to delve deeper into the mind of the cherubic and cheerful author, Samin Nosrat? Salt Fat Acid Heat is her first cookbook and it has been a bestseller since it first published. The book takes a look at how the four primary components are responsible for the science and art of cooking. The book also has the most adorable illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton, a New York Times bestselling illustrator and graphic journalist.

Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 

The mother of all food processors has finally reached the Indian shores—Hamilton Beach! The JMG has a powerful commercial-grade 1400 watt motor with triple overload protection to provide continuous operation. It has 13 programme settings and an intelligent speed sensor. It also includes a safety interlock system, three leak-proof stainless steel jars and a five-year total product warranty. From home-ground turmeric and garam masala to smooth idli batter, it is all a breeze with this JMG. Oh, and it has been vouched for by LF Chef Kunal Kapur!

Meyer Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware

(Set of 8) 
A good cookware set can last a lifetime in a kitchen. You just have to make sure that you make the right investment and not cut corners. If you’re setting up your kitchen from scratch, allow us to introduce you to Meyer Cookware. The particular eight-piece set includes a 30 cm flat tawa, 22cm casserole, 20 cm frying pan, 14 cm milk pan, slotted turner, solid spoon, whisk and a tempered glass lid.

This kitchen set can be used on both gas and electric cooktops, however they are not suitable for induction.

Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker

We’ve seen plenty of Facebook videos showing the marvels of an instant cooker. But have you figured out that they are basically electric versions of our trusted kitchen allies, the pressure cooker? Bringing us at par, Indian brand Preethi has introduced a six litre electric pressure cooker.

It can function as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan and warmer with 15 pre-programmed Indian recipes such as dal, rajma, soup, idli, cake, pav bhaji, gajar halwa and more. If you’re worrying about safety of a pressure-based cooking contraption, Preethi’s electric pressure cooker has nine safety levels to control and limit temperature, pressure and power. So time to get cooking!

Borosil HealthPro Slow Juicer

Cold Pressed juices are all the rage, but what if you want to make it at home, of fruit and veggie combinations of your preference? Enter slow juicers for home use. This 200-watt slow juicer by Borosil ensures maximum nutrient preservation and thoroughly mixes nutrients from different fruits and vegetables. The juicer comes with a jug to help you collect the juice along with filter, cup and pulp container. 

Osian Krafts 6-Seater Table Runner

A table runner glams up a dining table without getting stuffy and formal. This colourful ethnic print table runner by Osian Krafts suitably adds colour to any dining setting. It is made from Poly Dupion Silk ensuring durability and can withstand rough handling. Dry cleaning is the best option for maintenance.

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Organic Home Inlayed Cheese Board

This rectangular classic marble cheese board is a must-have for anyone who loves a spot of entertaining at home. Whether it’s gourmet cheeses and fruits or hearty pakoras, this sleek board from Organic Home is a versatile one. The asymmetric yet minimalistic inlay work adds extra bit of class to the board. You can also use it as a chopping board; it
resists knife cracking and warping. Maintenance is equally simple as well. 

Limited Edition Oreo Stereo

For lovers of all things Oreo, this little collectible will definitely tickle your senses. A small music box comes alive when you place an Oreo cookie in it. With every bite the music changes to try make your Oreo experience even more fun. You can also record personalized messages on the Oreo Stereo.


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