India’s Top 4 Popular Sweet Dishes

India is a country with different cultures and food cuisines, Explore India's top 4 popular sweet dishes which are mouth-watering and are dulcified


Do you have a sweet tooth? And always in search for typical or traditional sweet dishes across the world cuisines. Then Indian sweet cuisine will make you fall in love with it, because of its ample varieties and flavours. Check out India’s top 4 Popular Sweet Dishes here : Jalebi:- Crispy Jalebi or Karari Jalebi is the synonyms people use for this fabulous sweetdish available in India. Its orange colour and unperfect round shape make it so attractive that you cannot resist yourself to taste this. This amazing dish is made up using maida and sugar syrup. Maida mixture is deep-fried in oil which makes it crispier and then added into the sugar syrup fill sweetness at another level. Eating this hot is preferred but some people enjoy this with Curd or milk or Rabri. Kaju Katli:- The Simple yet delicious sweet dish which is basically a north-Indian dish but famous across the country. Whether there is any festival or occasion, people love to add this to the menu. This simple dish is made up with lots of cashews and sugar syrup. That’s it, only these two ingredients which are always available at every household are required to make this Kaju Katli. Laddu:- Indian sweets and laddu can never be apart from each other. Laddu is one of the typical and traditional sweet dish which is being made in every house for years. When it comes to varieties, one cannot count, as various varieties or flavours of laddu’s are available but one thing is sure, that every one of it as tasty as other. Kheer :- The traditional dish of India, kheer is a perfect sweet dish for any kind of occasion, majorly made in every household and it doesn’t need any kind of reason to make. This simple recipe is made up with milk, rice, sugar and dry fruits. All the ingredients make this a perfect healthy dish.


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