If You Are A One In A Billion Vodka Lover, Absolut Wants To Hire You

The payoff? Drinking vodka for the rest of your life


Absolut, one of the foremost names in the vodka world, is hiring a full-time drinker. If that isn’t a dream job for vodka lovers, we don’t know what is! Wanna know the deets? Read on

Absolut Vodka is looking to replace Per Hermansson who has held the job for 35 years – which means you have big boots to fill. Hermansson is known to have infused vodka with unique flavours during the course of his illustrious career. He once created Absolut Oak that had barrel-aged vodka aimed at weaning away whiskey lovers!

According to the job listing, the company is seeking a “Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose,” according to their posted job listing. Now now, don’t rush off to send your application until you’ve read what they need. (No, not a YouTube video of downing vodka shots!) Those desirous of applying need to have “documented blending skills” and a “comprehension of texture in spirits.” Know what those mean, right? Know the difference between taste and aroma? Good, you’ll need that too!

There’s more to the job obviously, but in a nutshell you will be the taster who decides how the new generation continues to consume vodka. Still interested? Apply here.

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