I’m Lovin’ It! McDonalds Launches a New Online Merchandise Store

McDonald's unveils new online merchandise shop, 'Golden Arches Unlimited,' for Big Mac burger lovers, fry enthusiasts and more

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McDonalds is serving up a side order of fashion this holiday season.

The fast food giant has opened ‘Golden Arches Unlimited,' an online merchandise shop for US fans who love Big Macs so much that they want to wear them.

The store will remain open year-round and feature different seasonal pieces, but things are kicking off with a winter collection that includes cozy items such as a beanie and a holiday sweater. The line also features a Big Mac sandwich bag, a Happy Meal t-shirt, a Sesame Seed zip hoodie and World Famous Fries socks, alongside various accessories such as hair ties, umbrellas, journals and tote bags.

"McDonald's has been ingrained in the fabric of culture for years, and there's a long history of fans wearing our brand with pride," said Colin Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at McDonald's Corporation, in a statement. "We're excited to help customers wear their brand love on their sleeves with the unveiling of Golden Arches Unlimited as we continue to inspire feel good moments with McDonald's."

McDonald's first dipped its toe into fashion merchandise in 2017, when it launched a limited-edition ‘Big Mac' clothing line. It isn't the only restaurant chain to have developed a taste for the business -- Taco Bell, KFC, Cheetos and Auntie Anne's have all succumbed to clothing launches over the past few years.

Feat Image: Courtesy McDonalds


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