“I believe that boys should know how to cook”

Interior designer Sussanne Khan talks about her new found passion for cooking.


Sussanne Khan is a tough person to get hold of. She’s been busy expanding her business and spreading her unique style of interior design all over the country. We caught up with her on the sets of her mother’s show, Spices and Secrets with Zarine Khan, Zarine’s TV debut, which is being aired on Living Foodz every weekend.

Even before she sat down for her makeup session, Sussanne’s glowing skin caught our eye. On being coaxed about what’s her beauty secret, she reveals, “It’s all about the food that I eat. Every morning, I religiously drink a green juice which is a concoction of bitter gourd, celery, ginger and lemon. Later in the day, I drink a red vegetable juice which also has pomegranate. I binge on yogurt,” she says, adding that the glow is a bonus.

For the Love of Cooking

Sussanne’s mother Zarine Khan is a maverick in the kitchen. Mughlai, Persian, Continental, Parsi—she can cook them all. Sussanne admits that she didn’t quite inherit the cooking gene, and was only bitten by the culinary bug three years ago: “I liked baking, especially cakes, whips and cheese soufflés. Cooking is a newfound passion. In the last couple of years, I have been overcome by this desire to want to learn how to cook.

Steadily, I want to master one cuisine at a time.” Mom’s doing the handholding. “You need to cook from your heart—that’s the first lesson from Mum. Once I perfect the Indian dishes, I will move onto European food,” says Sussanne.

Cooking with the Boys

“My boys (10-year-old Hreehan and 8-year-old Hridhaan) help me out in the kitchen by passing me the ingredients or by grating cheese or an accompaniment. When they are 13, I will teach them to cook. Boys should know how to cook,” Sussanne firmly adds.

Sussanne’s Spicy Secret

She spills the beans on this pretty easily, “I love black pepper, followed closely by green chillies, and simply cannot live without spicy food.” While she’s cooking, she’s sure to throw in these distinctive condiments into every dish. And this piquant seasoning is not restricted to just Indian food. “I sprinkle them over my roast chicken and steak as well, and it enhances the flavours and invents a further more delicious dish.”

Family, Food and Style

Her parents, Zarine and actor Sanjay Khan and Zarine Khan laid out the ground rules when it came to dining etiquettes for the family. Irrespective of their own schedules or that of their children, it was a must to eat at least one meal together every day around the dining table in their family home. Sussanne recalls, “My parents were very particular, so we would wait for each other before we started to eat. The conversations around the dining table were drastically diverse—from current affairs to jokes. We talked so much! Zayed and I have been told by friends that we are like a large, chatty Italian family.”

When it comes to Sussanne’s design sensibilities, she’s got a bit of both worlds: “My father loves history and art and architecture. So I took after him and was interested in the books that he had collected over the years. On the other hand, my mum has this talent of putting together colours to create a warm living space. These influences have helped me create my own design style.”


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