HRC’s New Veggie Menu Is Worth A Shot

Hard Rock Café (HRC) celebrates Vegetarian Awareness Month with the new menu.

Priyanko Sarkar

Hard Rock Café isn’t usually known for its food fare. Which is why it was surprising when we learnt that they had started promoting a specially curated all-vegetarian menu for a limited time. The vegetarian menu has been curated keeping in mind that October is celebrated as Vegetarian Awareness Month. We were certainly excited to try the new menu and quickly booked our place for a tasting session. Here’s what we liked and what you could pass over on your next visit to HRC.

Let’s start with what makes food at Hard Rock Café great. Yep, burgers! The veggie menu has an interesting selection of burgers one of which is called LA Confidential (Rs 399). The vegetable and potato filled double patty is dipped in chipotle mayo and served with a dip on the side. The freshness of the produce is what attracted us to this burger although we felt that the sauce used could have been different.

A Black Bean and Quinoa Burger (Rs 399) whose patty was filled with such varied stuff as black beans, red peppers, garlic, cumin and cheddar caught our taste buds too and is worth a try if you want to try a ‘healthy burger’ – an oxymoron in itself! The Mexican Quesadilla Burger (Rs 399) – a potent mixture of polenta, spices, sweet corn and beans flavoured with some tangy enchilada salsa, avocados and pieces of nachos was another burger we wouldn’t mind ordering again, if only the burger wasn’t as dry as our was. While the ingredients within the burger work well together, we felt that it should also be accompanied by an interesting dip to round things off perfectly.

The burger we were hard-pressed to find much fault with was the Cauliflower and Goats Cheese Burger (Rs 425). The patty was succulent on this one and the combination of cauliflower, zucchini, arugula and garlic aioli was enough to make it the top contender in our list. Definitely recommended.

Apart from the burgers, we also tried the Ratatouille Wrap (Rs 389) that was simply loaded with too much eggplant. It didn’t really ignite our taste buds to be honest and prompted us to get to try some salads. The Quinoa Salad (Rs 399) was mouth-wateringly delicious and combined with iceberg lettuce, walnut, raisins and a generous dose of feta, it quickly became our favourite dish. We also tried the Pear Salad (Rs 399) that was dipped in a raspberry dressing and again topped with raisins and feta cheese along with some cherry tomatoes. It was much more appetizing than we expected it to be and we wondered if the Veggie Menu has scored a bigger hit with its two salads than HRC’s burgers.

Finally, we also had a Carnival Vegetarian Platter (Rs 585) comprising four appetisers such as mini-samosas filled with corn, cheddar cheese and mixed spices, crunchy French fries, spiced cottage cheese with falafel fritters and cream cheese with parmesan crusted tomato bruschetta. Of these, we thoroughly enjoyed the samosas and fries while the fritters and bruschetta were good enough on their own as well.

The Veggie Menu also includes some really drinks and we’d definitely recommend the Jalapeno Iced Tea (Rs 525) – which is exactly what you’re thinking it is. The spicy drink is offset by the chilled tea and is something we couldn’t have enough of. Other drinks worth trying are the Beet, Orange and Ginger Juice (Rs 215) and Green Mineral Power (Rs 525), a potent mix of spinach, cucumber juice and lime. We went on a dry day so we didn’t have any alcohol added to our drinks.

The Veggie Menu is available for a limited time until October 31 and there are some definite winners in the line-up that you should try.

Don’t Miss: Quinoa Salad, LA Confidential Burger, Cauliflower Burger and Jalapeno Iced Tea
Location: Across all Hard Rock Cafes in India
Price for two: Approx Rs 2000. Prices above are excluding tax.


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