How to Use Kiwi

Know your way around this exotic fruit that’s bursting with Vitamin C!

Ishita Lote

A native of China that has gained popularity in New Zealand, kiwi has had a rather interesting past. It got its name from its strong resemblance to the native bird of New Zealand - a brown furry creature called Kiwi. Soon after becoming very popular in America and Great Britain, Kiwi made its way to the Northern parts of India, where it also started getting cultivated. Thanks to a couple of brands in the country, the fruit soon paved its way into every local fruit and vegetable market across India, especially in the cities. Before you knew it, kiwi became an essential part of various recipes!

However, there’s still a lot of apprehension and confusion around this exotic looking fruit. Lucky for us, Chef Gautam Mehrishi teaches simple and easy ways of using the kiwi fruit (scroll up to watch).

How to Use Kiwi

What to look for while buying it

It always starts with picking the right kind of fruit or vegetable. In this case, the kiwi must be firm, and should slightly squeeze in with a gentle press. If it's hard then it’s likely that the kiwi is raw and will taste sour. But if it feels mushy on pressing slightly, the fruit may be overripe. Another important thing to look for is any tiny holes or blemishes. This indicates worm infestation and it's best to toss them out of the way. Smell the fruit and look for a fragrant aroma. It will further help in determining which ones are at the very peak of their ripeness. 

How does it look

Kiwi has a rather dull exterior which is brown in colour and has tiny spikes or hair all along its skin. However, don’t judge the fruit by its skin. Slice it open and you are in for a treat for all your senses. The vibrant green, juicy pulp inside will instantly make your mouth water and its refreshing tangy aroma will leave you wanting for more. It has a white hard centre surrounded by crunchy black seeds, which complement the pulpiness. 

How to eat it

1) After rinsing the kiwi fruit with water, place it on a chopping board. 
2) Slice off both the ends of the kiwi with a sharp knife. At the bottom end, you will see a small hard white part resembling a seed. Scoop it out with the help of the pointed edge of your knife. 
3) Next, with the help of the knife, thinly peel the skin of the kiwi fruit. 
4) If the fruit is ripe and pulpy, you can simply take a spoon and scoop out the flesh. Insert the spoon between the skin and flesh and gently rotate it such that the skin peels off. Since it’s already soft and mushy, the skin will get separated from the flesh effortlessly and cause minimum wastage. 
5) Once you are left with the green flesh, slice or chop the fruit into pieces. The kiwi fruit is ready to eat or use!

How does it taste

Belonging to the citric fruits category it has a tangy and slightly sour taste. The pulpier the fruit, the sweeter it tastes. The black seeds do not have any distinctive taste of their own.

Lots of nutrition

Along with being a rich source of vitamin c, kiwi is also a good source of vitamin E, potassium and folic acid. This makes kiwifruits good anti-oxidants and immunity boosters.


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