How To Store Meat The Right Way

Learn the art of storing meat in the freezer so that you can enjoy them weeks and months later

Joyoti Mahanta

Very few of us have the luxury of buying fresh poultry or fish, cooking them within a few hours and consuming it on the same day. The rest of us (guilty!) buy meat in bulk, store them in the freezer (sometimes for months) and cook them when we like. The stockpile needs to be stored well for the meats to stay fresh, and not stink up the whole freezer.

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Meats spoil easily when exposed to air, or when they come in contact with some contaminated meat or suffer freezer burn (from being in the freezer for too long). Hence, individual airtight packaging is a must to block out moisture and bacteria, and here’s how you can do it right:

  1. To prevent the quality of meat from degrading, the popular way is to first wrap the meat in a plastic wrap, and then double it up with paper or aluminum foil or a freezer bag for more security. Make sure to fold the plastic wrap tightly over the meat surface and creases, then continue folding and pressing the air out, and finally seal with freezer tape.
  2. It’s best to wrap the meat in special butcher or freezer paper (waxy coated paper) for best results. Be careful to wrap the meat on the waxy side, with the paper side out for the tightest finish. Tape it shut. For extra protection, wrap the whole package in aluminum foil or zip-top pouches or freezer bags.

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