Delicious healthy recipes Popeye would approve of

Do you struggle with thinking up creative ways to feed your children green vegetables, but she's unwilling to try anything but crisp potato fries? We feel you. Here are some ideas so you can stay ahead in the dining table wars and sneak in healthy greens into her meal. Let’s begin with spinach, the all-season palak, a high source of essential minerals and vitamins. Here are some tried and tested ways. Popeye approves!

Tofu Spinach Scrambled Crisps

If your child is bored with the same old sandwich or wrap routine, here’s a fun way to switch things up. From all things delicious to all things healthy, this is the best kid-friendly wrap.

Creamed Corn Spinach

Creamy and healthy, this comfort dish is pure delight to ensure your kids get their daily dose of veggies.

Lemongrass Tofu With Chilli Spinach

A healthier option to paneer, tofu, when combined with the goodness of spinach has health written all over it.

Palak Puri

What better to sneak in spinach than in puris or chapattis? Get rollin’. Click here for the recipe. 

Green Vegetable Risotto

Best way to hide most of your kid’s hated veggies.

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