How to Rescue Overripe Bananas

Squishy is a great place to be, if you're a banana.

Annabelle D’Costa

If you’re a fan of bananas, you’re no stranger to the fruit’s complicated ripening process. While it takes forever for it to go from green to an edible yellow, brown spots take over the ripe fruit in the blink of an eye and before you know it, they’re too ripe to be consumed. To top it, the soaring temperature makes the time window to devour bananas even smaller.

But don’t be in a hurry to toss them away in disappointment just yet. Here are some easy-peasy ways to whip up delicious goodness from your stash of overripe bananas.


Get rid of the brown peel, chop the too-soft-to-eat banana and freeze the pieces before throwing it into the blender along with some of your other favourite fruits. What’s more – the overripe bananas are sweet enough, allowing you to skip the sugar entirely. Spruce it up with a pinch of cinnamon.


Bananas don’t always have to be eaten raw. Mash the overripe bananas in a bowl and top it up with your favourite oatmeal or cereal. Throw in some nuts and other chopped fruits if you like, before stirring them together with some milk. Now, how’s that for a tasty and nutritious start to the day?


Fill a jar with banana cookies and you’ll never feel bad about them turning overripe again. In a medium-sized bowl, mash an overripe banana along with a cup of rolled oats and mix them well. Scoop the dough onto a baking sheet, flatten them into bite-sized cookies and bake at 176°C for 13 to 15 minutes. Let them cool before serving.


Give your pancakes a fruity twist by stirring mashed bananas into the batter. Apart from allowing you to skip the sugar, thanks to their natural sweetness, the bananas will also give your pancakes the perfect moistness. Ripe bananas are a vegetarian pancake lover's best friend, sub them for eggs. Here's a recipe from grandma's kitchen. Mash the bananas, add some sugar or jaggery, add whole wheat flour, throw in a couple of spoonfuls of millet flour (and beetroot flour if you want a bright red colour). Finally, sprinkle some hand crushed fennel seeds into the mix. Whip, and make mini pancakes. The fennel seeds give it a shot of flavour, and your kids will love these piping hot minis.   

Ice Cream

Chop the overripe bananas into slices, toss them into a ziplock bag and freeze. Once you have a decent amount of frozen banana pieces, blend them with some milk. You can even skip the milk for a vegan ice cream. You could also simply stir those frozen slices into a regular ice cream base. 

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