How to Perfect Keema or Indian Style Minced Meat

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Once considered a poor man’s dish, today, keema is one of the popular non-vegetarian food delicacies in India. It is believed that this non-veg dish gets its name from the Turkic word ‘qiyma’, which literally means minced meat. Apart from meat, the keema recipe features aromatic spices such as cloves and cinnamon and garlic. Keema can be served as a breakfast item or as the hero dish of the dinner/lunch table. It is best accompanied by freshly-baked pav, slices of lemon and pickled onions; however, people also pair it with a chapati or naan. While most associate it with mutton, keema can be made with almost any meat available and can be cooked in multiple ways. For additional dimension and texture, many even add tomatoes, onions, and green peas to the keema recipe.

The keema recipe can be your go-to for last-minute dinner parties, picnics or potluck meals since it can be prepared in a jiffy, using minimal ingredients. And, if you’ve got any leftover keema, don’t think twice before using it as a filling for samosas or parathas.

Keema Recipe
Looking for a delicious and easy-to-make mutton recipe? Try this mutton keema recipe, which is filling and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.


Click here for the ingredients list and step-by-step guide for the keema recipe

Now that you know how to perfect the basic keema recipe, how about you look at chef Rakhee Vaswani’s take on the traditional keema recipe? The LF expert makes keema stuffed dough balls

More Keema Recipe Ideas

Kadak Chapati Tacos with Mumbai-style Keema Recipe
Got some leftover chapatis and keema? Give the two a yummy makeover with this keema tacos recipe by chef Vaibhav Mahajan.


Keema Pulao Recipe
Here’s a delicious one-pot dish by chef Ajay Chopra to try at home. This keema pulao  recipe is easy-to-cook, quick, and promises a burst of flavours in your mouth. Chef Chopra finished this dish with some ginger juliennes, green chillies and coriander.


Rajma Keema Recipe


Looking for a protein-packed but tasty recipe? Treat yourself with this rajma keema recipe by LF team, prepared with minced chicken, kidney beans, ginger-garlic paste and a bunch of everyday spices.

For people who don’t or can’t eat meat, keema can be made with soya chunks.


Veg Keema Paratha Recipe
Break the monotony of aloo and gobi parathas by trying out these vegetarian keema paratha recipe by chef Ranveer Brar. These make for a great side dish and can be served with a bowl of curd or raita.

Soya Keema ke Kulle Recipe
In case you’re in the mood for something fancy, you can try your hands at this fun soya keema recipe by chef Ranveer Brar. The LF expert serves spicy soya mince on a bed of tomato and tofu and a colourful lettuce, sweet corn and tomato salad on the side.


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