How to Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

Easy hacks to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Priya Prakasan

Imagine sitting down for a celebratory meal with your favourite bottle of wine only to realise that you do not have a corkscrew. But there's no reason to let this stop you from having a good time. There are a lot of ingenious ways to open a wine bottle that don't need a corkscrew. You can easily rely on some of your daily household items to open that bottle of wine and let the wine flowing! Here are some hacks to help you out of such tricky situations.

Push the Cork Down

One of the easiest ways to open the wine bottle is to push the cork into the bottle. You will need an object like a narrow metallic cylindrical rod with a blunt end for this. Place the bottle on a steady surface, hold the neck area with one hand and set the cylindrical rod against the cork. Push it against the cork with enough force to allow it to fall inside the bottle. Make sure that you have napkins handy because the probability of some wine spilling is high when using this hack. Also, ensure that the metal rod has a blunt edge or else you will likely end up with small pieces of cork in your wine.

Use a Knife

You can easily get rid of the cork using a pocket knife, serrated knife or a paring knife. Be cautious when using a knife to make sure you do not cut yourself. To remove the cork, insert the knife blade into it and work it back and forth. Using some pressure, twist it back and forth and work it out slowly by pulling it out. Try to remove the cork intact in one piece. Another way to remove the cork using a knife is to wedge it between the bottle and cork and pry out from the side by applying some pressure to pull it out.

Use Screw and Pliers

Take a screw and turn it into the center of the cork. Now, using a screwdriver, work carefully to twist the screw into the cork. Leave about half an inch of the screw out and then using pliers pull out the screw. Make sure that you place the bottle sturdily. You can also use a claw hammer instead of a plier to grip the screw and pull it out. 

Use a Pair of Scissors

Grab a pair of small craft scissors and open them all the way. Keep the bottle on a table and then insert one of the scissor blades into the center of the cork. Apply pressure to push the scissor blade halfway into it and then twist the scissor handles. Alternatively, you can hold the scissor handles and twist the bottle while pulling out the cork. Be careful not to break the cork. When it is far out enough, pull it out by your hand and enjoy your wine.

Use a Lighter

If you think your butterfingers won't handle any of the above hacks too well then one of the simplest hacks to pop out the cork is to use a lighter. First, remove the bottle cover so that the cork is exposed then put the flame on the neck of the bottle around the cork. Keep rotating the bottle so that the flame reaches every area under the cork. When the air underneath the cork heats up, the cork expands and pushes out on its own.

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