How to Master the Festive Special Kaju Katli

One dessert that everyone looks forward to every festival.

When it comes to festivities in India, sweets are a mainstay. Of all the Indian mithais there is one dessert that has carved a niche for itself—it is one of the popular mithai across the Indian subcontinent. Kaju Katli is considered an indulgence, even during festivities, due to cashew nuts being the primary ingredient, this rich dessert is very addictive. For additional dose of decadence, it is speckled with saffron and coated with silver foil or chandi vark.

Kaju Katli, like many other Indian dessert recipes, comes across a complicated and laborious recipe to make at home. But we have a simple kaju katli recipe that makes it all look like piece of cake. One of the positive aspect of this kaju katli recipe is that you have full control on the quality of ingredients and amount of sugar you add. You can also opt for sugar alternatives to up the health quotient.

How to Master the Festive Special Kaju Katli

For Chef Ripudaman Handa’s step-by-step Kaju Katli recipe, click here.

Now that you’ve gotten your kaju katli groove on with the basics, here are some handy hints and hacks to perfect the kaju katli recipe.

Cashews are a common ingredient in dessert, for instance this Sri Lankan Milk Toffee recipe uses kaju as an essential ingredient. Here’s the step-but-step recipe by Pankaj Bhadauria.

Kaju Katli Recipes For Vegans
Being a vegan and a sweet tooth Indian is a tricky situation. Desi mithais always use milk products, there is no running away from the fact. Here’s a simple kaju katli recipe that caters to your vegan preferences. Now you don’t hide from Indian mithais!

Now that you’re hooked on to the vegan Kaju Katli recipe, here are some more vegan Indian desserts recipes. Not only do they abstain from using milk, they are also Ghee- and Butter-free recipes.

For those who are worried that the festive season will take a toll on their waist-line and overall health, do not fear! Living Foodz has simple substitutes and alternatives to keep your sweet tooth satiated without piling on the kilos.

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